Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter in Nouveau

Wintertime in Nouveau! We've been snowed in, so wear your winter gear before visiting, and don't forget those ice skates.

Looks like the rivers are freezing over. Just keep away from the water edge.

The Skoopf skates come with some awesome trick jumps.

Yep, Miriel's been snowed in too! Looks like the glass roof is holding, that's a sturdy construction.

Some poor swan has been caught in the ice at Tete a Pied. He must have some pretty cold feet by now.

Sunset already? Good thing there's a warm fire here.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nouveau party and limited edition boots

Tête à Pied, Miriel and Lassitude & Ennui invite you to a night of decadence - music, dancing, fashion showcase and a treasure hunt, tonight Sunday 17th December, 1pm-3pm SLT, on the Nouveau sim.

One of the prizes at the treasure hunt will be the Nouveau boots by yours truly - only available in black, with both silver or golden trim. After the party, the boots will be available for sale from Dec 17th, 3pm SLT to Dec 27th, 3pm SLT, for 370L$.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Small things...

From :

"WHAT’S NEW? Those of you who requested this before will be pleased that there’s — finally! — a followable pattern to the order of restarts. Regions will be restarted from left-to-right, north-to-south!"

A small thing .. but what an annoyance to be chased accross half a dozen sims when one has bad judgmenent (or bad luck) in choosing a sim to flee to! Thanks LL! Now if you could only fix the classifieds *nudge*nudge* ;)

Today I migrated my blog to "Blogger beta" - which shouldn't affect you, dear readers, but it rids me of the annoying nag screen. And apparently, it comes with desirable new & shiny features.

Other than that, it's just planning for the big event - lots of little details to be taken care of, but it's fun to be doing something different for a while. So, don't expect much in terms of new products 'til 07 ;)

Monday, December 04, 2006

(No longer) need models for event on Nouveau sim

Edit: Thank you to all who sent in applications, I've found three wonderful models!

I'll be needing 2-3 models for an event on sunday, December 17th, 1-3pm SLT. I'm looking for female models only, who should be comfortable with (tasteful) nudity in front of an audience - nothing smutty, it's for skins & jewelry showcasing, but you'll be pretty much nekkid. More specifically, I need models who like wearing Tete a Pied skins and who have a realistic build - short & chubby, tall & feminine is ok, silicon tits on a stick ain't. You should be amenable to slight changes to your avatar - like being asked to remove glasses / piercings, asked to wear a specific hair style (which I would, of course, provide) or to set your feet size 0. Nothing dramatic, but I'm going for a very specific look and if you're willing to cooperate, that would really help me.

What's in it for the models? You get to keep everything you wear (a skin, a jewelry set, possibly some shoes / boots) and 500L$ cash. Also you'll get a the opportunity to be part of a one-of-a-kind event that's going to be very very awesome. Poses and all accessories will be supplied, you just need to be there and look pretty, from 12:45 to 3pm SLT. (Since the poses will be static and no interaction required, some afk-ness is ok - but who would want to miss the party ;)

If you're interested, please send me a notecard titled "Nouveau event - Your name" and include a facial snapshot (frontal) with your usual hair color and wearing a TaP skin if you own one, a full-body snapshot (3/4, bikini or naked), list your favorite Tete a Pied skin tone(s) and whether you usually wear silver, black or gold jewelry. Please no fancy lighting, PS effects etc, I just need a plain snapshot to gauge whether your look would compliment the set. Please include times at which it would be convenient to contact you, and whether you'd have time for a short rehearsal on friday Dec 15th, around 3pm SLT. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Since the most common problem people have with my boots is adjusting the position so they fit on longer (or shorter) legs, I finally did a little instruction graphics. You can get it at my shop (with a complimentary posing stand) or stare at it on my blog. ;) For reference, my AV's legs are length 54 - so if your AV has similar proportion, the boots should fit out of the box. For everyone else - please take a minute or two to adjust the positioning!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

More blogging goodness

After having the pleasure of IMing with Salome in-world a week or two ago, I was anxiously hoping for & awaiting the blog "re-opening" and yay! as of today, Lindenlifestyles is back, and what better to start with than a review of the Tete a Pied red-head skins. Awesome! Being currently more of a pale type, my favorite TaP tone is the rose light and I haven't yet have the pleasure of trying the readhead skins out, but this review does make me antsy to get the red hair out of storage and buy a skin (or two or three).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boots galore @ Lassitude & Ennui

After some of the recent L&E releases, I vowed to myself to never do more than one thing at a time, and never more than 5-6 colors .. and as all good intentions go, it was quickly forgotten as once more I launched into the crazyness of finishing not one, not two but three different styles of victorian-ish boots! Doing releases is the part where SL becomes a "classical" MMORPG for me - the grind of doing dozens of posters, texturing many dozens of boots, checking permissions and names and whatnot .. So between rounds of Oblivion to keep the spirits up, and trying to speed up the workflow with some clever scripting (which, quite predictably, back-fired pretty quickly ... but with a bit more work to straighten the various kinks, that auto-texturing script might become something very usefull) I finally managed to get those pretties into the store. And now, please excuse me while I go dance barefoot in the snow - I'm sick of boots for now.

All the details & info here: - also please note that the leg part isn't guaranteed to fit all manners of AV sizes & shapes - there is a demo available, do me & you a favor and just try it on, it'll cost you 0L$ and a minute of your time.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keyboard shortcut goodness

Tonight, LL released a new beta viewer for SL - which connects to the *main* *grid*! The main new feature is more keyboard shortcuts: tabbing through windows and input fields, in all input windows, like preferences or friends list. And the web tab in profiles seems to be back, I know I saw it in one of the preview client a couple of weeks back but I can't remember it on the live grid. So anyway, that whole keyboard shortcut thing looks pretty sweet, even though I still need a bit to get used to it. And of course I've already found a few bugs .. nothing major luckily. What I really liked about this preview release is a) that it connects to the main grid - so I can just use it without loosing builds like on Preview grid; and b) they're doing a user feedback web form thingy, that does a pretty good job of walking you through the new keyboard features. That's the kind of release I'd like to see more of :)

(And, of course, user-configurable keyboard shortcuts ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Awesome pants & scripting tidbits

Rosemary Galbraith announced this new pants on the forums this morning, and when I saw the ad, I was all "whoa! suspenders! high-waist! GOT TO HAVE THEM NOW!!!" and went on a breakfast shopping spree. They are so adorable, from the tweed-like fabric of the legs to the pinstripe detailling on the top, and of course the suspenders. I have a really hard time finding some nice, non-jeans pants in SL - preferably some that I can wear underwear under and not flash everyone - and these are just perfect. So here ya go. I just had to blog them. In the snapshot, I paired those with a tank top by Renegade, gloves by DoMoCo, a totally adorable short hair-cut by Icky Eccleston, the Cherry Gamine skin by Tête à Pied, and Eva shoes by yours truly.

And now for something completely different. If you sell stuff & have more than one location, you probably tag your selling boxes with some kind of shorthand code to indicate the location. I've always found this to be a bit of a time-wasting occupation, so I finally wrote a little script to automate this. Change the indicated value to whatever your location code is, drag & drop into each box, and it'll append this to the box name and delete itself. Caveat: object names are cut off after 255 characters. So don't use your newest novel as location code.

// change this to the location name or token
// for example (Cal) for Caledon
// the script automagically inserts a blank
// between item name and location code.
string location = "(Cal)";

// get the current object name
string prim_name = llGetObjectName();
// append blank and location code
prim_name = prim_name + " " + location;
// rename the object (this will cut off at 255 characters)
// and cleanup!


And finally, I wanted to mention Torley Linden's newest video tutorial, on taking snapshots! Lots of great tips there, and Torley has such a lovely voice :)

Well that's it for today ... back to the grind.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New shoes @ Lassitude & Ennui

Lots of news from L&E - I've moved the shop to Nouveau, a new island sim which the lovely & talented folks at Tête à Pied invited me to share with them & Miriel. The two other stores aren't open yet, but I'm sure that will be announced on the respective blogs.

Aaand ... new stuff! I totally didn't expect to get shoes ready anytime, but sometimes good thing just happen. I spent the last 10 days in a craze of building & texturing ( & swearing & frustration, but that shall not be blogged) and finally got those pretties ready. I am so immensely proud of them! 32 prims per shoe; more than 10 unique textures per tone (don't fret - all 256x256 px or smaller), all custom-made and hand-finished. It's been a very challenging & interesting experience, especially texturing-wise, but it's good to be learning so much. Of course I couldn't decide on a reasonable number of colors, so they come in 12 tones plus 5 duotones. Enough choice to mix & match with about everything ;)

Technical specs: 32 prims, fits foot size 0, permissions no mod / copy / no transfer (IM me for gift delivery or to buy no copy / transfer), comes with gold and with silver button version in one box, 300L$ per or buy the fatpack (all 17 tones) for 50% off, or various 5 style packs for 25% off.

Thanks for looking, and good night.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What not to do

Log in as alt with mod rights to quickly try out an idea; shift-drag a copy of a bit of a work-in-progress item; blissfully start editing said shift-dragged copy and delete half of it; realize that a) the idea works b) the shift-dragged copy is actually the original, and the real copy is now no-mod, no-copy! ; swear profusely, log in with main account and rebuild the broken item. Oh SL, thy permission & building system will drive me crazy one day.

In other news, I seem to have deleted my modelling stand!! This is what comes from late night inventory clean-up crazes. It's not so much the expense of replacing the poses (half of them were pretty useless anyway) but rather that I have no idea what exact poses I actually had in that thing, and some of them seem to have been no-copy! Frustrating, all of this.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New - Gothic ruins gazebo

This is not the typical L&E update .. it's actually a pretty old project of mine, which I remixed & retextured to make my home plot's garden a bit more autumnal - it turned out so nice that I decided to sell it too!

The hard facts: 73 prims, mod / copy / no trans, comes in two sizes (10x10m base and 3x3m base) but is of course resizable, custom hand-finished textures, 550L$. See it rezzed at the shoppe in Iron or in Caledon (small size only).

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not gone, just hiding ;)

Just a small update to let you all know that I'm still around - just up to the neck in SL projects (and RL took a good turn that leaves me *very* busy too). I've been invited to a collaboration with Callie Cline and Tuli Asturias, which is turning out totally awesome! I'm going into a very new style territory, but it's lots of fun. Other than that, there's still the neverending L&E boot project from hell - where I'm now stuck on the texturing, learning about custom PS brushes, trying to gain a level or two on texture drawing *sigh* There might be a little (non-wearable) surprise for Halloween though - I'll keep you posted :)

(AV card courtesy

Friday, September 15, 2006

Two new at Lassitude & Ennui!

How lame is that, my blog is the last place to be updated about new releases *lol* Sorry, I was up much too late last night getting those two puppies in the store (and on the forums) and bed looked like a much better idea than more time in front of the PC.

Soooo .. what have we today. First off, "Irina", which you might have seen a few posts back - ultra-detailled jewelry set (the pics are pretty shitty, the necklace is too long to snap in close-up). Heavy chain-links, large stones and a slightly flexi tassel for a decadent beauty that will draw all eyes on you. The flexi is really just a little bit - no wiggly rubber tentacle, oh no! - just enough to emphasis the decolleté. Wear with a really low-cut gown if you dare! Comes in black, silver, gold and with a choice of diamonds, rubies or onyx. 420L$, mod / no copy / trans.

Second, the "Signature" jewelry set, which is simply the new L&E logo done in prims. Pretty choker & earrings, set with diamonds, comes in black, silver, gold. Get it for 0L$ (yea, that's right, zero L$!) and get one for your friends too, it's no mod / no copy / trans. A little thank you to my customers.

In other news, I've brought back Lydia & Captive, each set for 50L$, and the Spikey finger ring now comes with matching earrings, the set for 25L$. All of this can be found in the basement room of the new shop. I'm still debating whether to bring back Souls or not, I know some people really like it but I find the construction to be both crude and prim-heavy .. we'll see. Another freebie, found right on the "New releases" wall: a new gift box!

Oh, and lest I forget: the new shop is at Iron(60,60), or take the TP from my picks. I'll be taking down the Deneb shop pretty soon, so update your landmarks :))

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I haven't blogged for more than a week (*gasp*) not only because I was insanely busy in RL, but also because there simply wasn't anything to report. I think the shop is finished now. The snapshot collage above shows it from a few angles. It's actually pretty large but in commercial builds I think it doesn't hurt to have a rather large scale, so people can cam around without obstruction and don't bump into stuff all the time. Initially I wanted to add a roof - a huge glass roof with metal trusses - but it made the space feel too enclosed. So no roof.

I set up the selling boxes on thursday, still have to update all the landmarks and dreading that work .. also no new releases, I hope to get Irina out and the new shop opened somewhen next week. I tried taking pics of Irina but they don't cut out well at all with the fluffy things on the earrings. So I'll have to do that all over again and just take the snaps on a suitable background to keep in the picture.

Wanted to mention this article again: since the link didn't work in the coments - I used the technique presented there to do the concrete floor & wall details for the new shop, and it works pretty well. Was more of a disappoinment on the brick texture I initially wanted to use, it's a bit tricky to get just the right amount of color back into the pic.

And now to something completely different .. I treated myself to a huge pile of books a couple of days ago - "Olympos" by Dan Simmon (totally enjoyed "Illium" & looking forward to this one), "The man in the high castle" by P.K.Dick (can't have too much PKD), the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson (all three books in one go, the ladies at the bookshop were quite amused) and, um, "Knife of dreams" by Robert Jordan - yea I occasionally like cheesy fantasy, some people have comfort food, I have comfort books. You can guess which one I started reading right away ;) yes, the last one. The pace of the story is tectonic by now, and the style can get terribly repetitive, but I first read the books when I was 17, and I want to know how it ends!!!

Also discovered some pretty cool music, by Adam Freeland - "We want your soul" is part of the soundtrack of (wicked quake rocket-jumping tricks - the timing on those is inhuman) and totally got me hooked. Now I'm listening to the "Now & Then" album where the song is to be found, upbeat electro with a lot of genre crossovers.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Last night I finally got some serious work done on the new shop. It still lacks a roof and a lot of details, but it's looking quite good so far I think. It's a huge space but 4 rooms so it doesn't look too intimidating. I'm still thinking about adding some kind of tower (because a factory needs a supervisor, a big clock and some chimneys) but I don't really know where it would fit well. Also the roof will likely be half kaputt, to enable people to fly in & out, so it's a bit difficult to work a tower into that. The new logo looks very sexy on a dark grey concrete background, it was sooo totally worth hiring a pro to do that.

Still todo: lots of textures. I've been using Linden textures to get a feel for the build, but the Linden concrete texture has ugly repeats when tiled. That is the one thing that often makes or breaks a building for me: patterns that are not part of the design but turn up once a texture is tiled & repeated. Yuck. So I need to photosource a good concrete (good thing there's!) and add shadows to it and to the bricks - also get a nice grate texture for some fittings .. and maybe a better glass texture than the one I'm using right now.

I'm trying to keep the number of textures down so that everything rezzes fast - will probably have to resize & reupload some of my box textures too - (almost) everything at 256x256 will make people's graphic cards happy. Currently I'm getting around 40-50fps in the sim, so of course it's my goal to keep the place as low-lag as possible. My landlord is very lag-conscious too, now I hope the other two neighbors will behave ;)

Also been revising the "big relaunch in october" plans - it's too much stress and I won't be able to get the new boot line ready by then. So now the plan is to get the shop open by mid-september with a small jewelry update, and get the boots ready by whenever, or just release them in small installements. I can only admire people like Elikapeka who manage to rebuild an entire sim over a weekend!

In other news, there's now a Lassitude & Ennui update group! Search -> Groups for "Lassitude" and join - it's open enrollment. I'm not quite sure what "specials" I'll have for group members - I'll probably raffle one "fatpack" of each new release. Probably no VIP / "group only" items since I'm slow enough at building stuff.

Oh and, building with physics is a lot of fun :>

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy mode

Current state of things:
- 1 (one) Burning life plot
- 1 (one) quarter sim rental that went online on friday (yay!)
- 1 (one) awesome new logo for Lassitude & Ennui (yay for graphic designers!)
- 1 (one) full-time job from monday (!!!!!!)
- many (too many) projects to complete

I hope to get some scripting done on the BL plot today. Got a friend to help with brainstorming & concepts, and she'll do the sound effects .. this could be an awesome installation if I manage to tackle the scripting. Also have to get started on the shop build - I did a 1:1 scale sketch on the rental plot to get a feeling for the size of things but this is going to need a lot of work both in the texture & prim department, and I haven't built this large-scale for ages. So expect a lot of build-blogging in the next days!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burning Life 2006

Yay I have a plot!!! And my friends elka and Seifert do too, I'm so happy for them :) Seifert did the coolest installation last year, little stations all over the BL sims that would accelerate the AV and send him a sim or two over - he built a similar thing in The Future, it's a very practical way to go to the different places, and so much more exciting than a sit-teleport. I still get goosebumps thinking about last year's BL - Burke's "grid off" switch, Cory's heaven and hell bubbles (the galaxy choker she gave out as a free keepsake is one of the reasons I started doing jewelry), Tyg Jarrico's crazy journey, Eddie Escher's AV scanning device, the Wiki build, the huge pirate adventure by I forgot who ... so many awesome builds, some fun, some serious, some thought-provoking. I still don't really know what to build myself - possibly expand on last year's cellular automaton thingy I built, but this time doing the computation in SL, allowing the AV to interact with it. Would be very script-heavy though, and I don't think that's a good idea :( I'll try to just let go and get infected by the creative atmosphere in the BL sims. Good thing it's nearly weekend!

On a totally unrelated note, I've been playing Oblivion again, after a break of a couple of weeks. It's good entertainment for when the grid is down or when I just don't feel like building stuff, and so far my favorite of all adventure / rpg games I've played. It's the little things that make it enjoyable .. like on tuesday night, my char closed an Oblivion portal, which means about 1.5 hours of hacking monsters to pieces in a very gory environment, and then rode back to Chorrol castle at about 5am, to be greeted by fog in the twilight of dawn. It was such a peacefull scene, so refreshing after the dungeon. Never played a game before that was so atmospheric. I should take screenshots one of these days.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Revenge of the FPS killer

It looks like the rental situation has been resolved in a satisfying manner ... eta "a couple of days" and I'll have a whole quarter sim to frolic in! ahem .. build a shop and do serious business in, of course. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of doing some sort of self-contained landscape without visual interference from neighbors or the restriction of flat land, and of course a bit more prims that usual doesn't hurt. I can't wait for the sim to be set up! *happy happy joy joy*

Despite the lapse in L&E releases, there's no shortage of things to do - I put my name in the hat for the Burning Life lottery, got a plot last year and it was a blast! I'm looking forward to it this year too. Also been having a better time than usual building shoes, it's becoming more of a creative challenge and less of a technical exercise. So now I'm focussing more on textures, it takes a lot of time but I think the results are really worth it, small details add so much depth and realism.

Though not doing any "new product" type postings atm, I want to entertain you with a snapshot:

Free Image Hosting at

"Ishaya", a non-released FPS killer .. 111 prims for each earring, 51 for the bindi, 38 for the nose button, most of them torii. Makes 311 prims or a 1536sqm plot's allowance on one's head, and lets my FPS drop from 25ish to 15ish! Needless to say, it's safely tucked away in the poison cupboard and is never worn except for the odd snapshot :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006


The demise of the Linden-run forums has prompted an exchange of blog addresses on, which I have duly added to the link list. I still haven't become friends with Sage, though considering how big the list has become (and I'm still missing most SL-related blogs!) that might be a good idea.

No news on the land front, I am still waiting to hear from a prospective landlord - for a *really* big piece of land but one that should be big enough for another year or so. ;)

The picture is a little sneak preview ... I have no idea when it'll be in the store, what with the space shortage and such. Bit more primmy than usual, and best worn with plunging necklines.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Learning ...

... patience.

The Deneb store is almost at full capacity both space-wise and prim-wise; no better with the two Caledon outlets. I desperately need to move the main store to a bigger location (and possibly close one of the smaller ones). Now the rental empire where I have been renting for L&E since Nov05 (same sim, no less) and which is currently full wrt commercial rentals, had a nice block of islands added a couple of weeks ago and each island has a description of "future commercial land". Sounds good, doesn't it? So for weeks, I've been keeping an eye on a place, waiting for terraforming to happen & the infrastructure to be set in place and .. nada. So more than a week ago I asked one of the barons-in-office there and got an ETA of last weekend. A week later: still nada, and I'm slowly starting to loose my patience.

So in the hopes of finding greener pastures, I've been scouting commercial rentals and keeping an eye on the rental forum. Word to the wise? If you want to get rich quick, open up a few commercial islands. The ones I've visited are almost all booked solid. Even the smaller, no-name ones. I've managed to find one island which would have a suitable plot, except it's a) tropical white sand island type of setup (and I was planning on doing a derelict 19th century factory as shop) b) there's no infrastructure at all, no road, only small water channels c) the rentals are not automated, there's not even an info card giver, one has to IM the owner to learn of rates & such. Tripple bleh. Does it beat waiting for another few weeks? Probably not. But hey, instant gratification is so much more fun than listening to reason :/

Anyway, enough ranting. If you made it that far, gratz :P
Blog meme of the day (irresistible because anime-cute) & I am afraid that it is not that wrong .. oh well

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Take this quiz!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Casual thursday?!

"Casual" - new cute shoes from L&E! They have a bit of a lower heel & a large metal buckle on the side, and come in 11 different prints and leathers. I chose some different prints than usual this time (and I hope *someone* will recognize her textures there ;) ) - now to see how adventurous my customers are ;) no worries, there's also basic black or white.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

New new new!

Why is it that my blog is always the last thing to be updated on new releases? *lol* Anyway, so here's the newest stuff from L&E, a bit more than usual - stuff piled up in my inventory without me getting time to do a release .. and of course the longer I wait, the more work it is. So, from top to bottom: two pairs of shoes! a bit more ornate and detailled than what I usually do; I've finally come to a point in shoe-building where it's not all about the technical side of it .. but there's also a bit of room for creativity. The high-heel ones are super-glamour, super-sexy - I totally love them. The low-heel ones were more to "test the waters", since everyone clamors for low-heel shoes .. still they're very cute & elegant at the same time. I think they'd be absolutely adorable on a flower child at a wedding. Forgot to write that into the forum post actually *grrr*

Now the jewelry .. first one is super kitsh ;) but that just has to be sometimes. After finishing some other, yet unreleased because (very awesome) collab work, I had to do some quick & fun work for a change - cue this bracelet. Some people actually seem to enjoy it! Second one is a big departure from the usual organic / curvy stuff I do. Drew the idea for the central piece, and then the rest just followed naturally while building - this is really the kind of building I love to do, when all seems to flow & go together. It's a really silly amount of prims, but since 98% of that are box prims, I don't feel half bad about it ;) Oh and the name is from one of my favorite books, but no one seems to have picked up on that yet.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lazy saturday

Just a little sneak preview on something I've been working last week .. might get into the store today or tomorrow.

I took a quick peek at the RFL auction this morning and OMG Ginny's dress is at 65k L$ already!!! I hadn't expected the price to skyrocket that quickly! Good thing there's so many other lovely items to bid on :) Very cool to see so much support for RFL in SL, and that auction is just a great idea.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I finally added a link panel to the blog layout, with all my favorite SL blogs on it - so far, all of them are fashion-related I'm afraid ;) It's mostly for easy clicking & browsing for me since I'm still not using an RSS aggregator. I tried NetNewsWireLight and then Sage for Firefox, but none of them really convinced me, so now it's the good old fashioned link list :P

Saturday, June 17, 2006


This is a set that started out as something entirely different - I wanted to finally execute an idea for a postmodern necklace that's been floating in my mind since Nov 05, but then the prims got out of hand and suddenly it was early 20th century, not early 21st ;) I blame it on the healthy caledonian air in Tamrannoch. Still I'm very happy with the outcome, it's just sooo elegant and vibrant! Comes in 3 different metals and 3 different stones but I uploaded only one pic - btw, the skin in that is by Robin Sojourner, absolutely awesome, very natural and realistic without being uncanny.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More flexiprim fun!

More flexiprim fun, this time girly hair ribbons that flutter in the wind! The ones with lace are very romantic, and in the "Ivory" color, I imagine they'd look great for a bride. Only 3 colors in the snapshot but they come in 8.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Silly fun

A clothesline with laundry that flaps in the breeze! :D just a quick for-fun build but I like it. Get it for 1L$ outside L&E in Caledon.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I've always liked oriental jewelry and art, and a jewelry set with oriental flair has been on my todo-list for long. It's a style that I find difficult to translate to SL; the wealth of tiny details does not lend itself to prims well, there is lag one easily incurs, the size limit of a linkset and finally visibility issues. So I tried to capture more the spirit of the style than rigidly copying a real-world example. The name comes from the "Dune" cycle by Frank Herbert, which I am currently re-reading.

Urban style & City chic for your dainty feet

Yay, two new pair of shoes! A while ago I was asked to do a more pants-friendly version of the calf boots (three posts down) - the calf part of the boots has a tendency to stick through tight pant boots, not very fashionable. So they are, Urban style & City chic, both using the same foot base as the calf boots. And I don't care if you find the names cheesy :P This time I did a lot of the Urban ones in colorfull summer prints, and so far the reaction has been pretty positive. City chic is more of a classical, elegant style so it comes in more subdued leather colors and brocades. What I really like with those two is the versatility - from wedding to goth night out.

Psyche - Snapshot locket

Released April 29th, this is another floral themed jewelry set, but with an extra twist: the necklace opens to touch to reveal a snapshot! :D Totally romantic, no? This one was a long time in the making - first the prims itself that took ages to get just right; and then I wasn't very keen on the scripting. But I'm soo happy with the outcome! And aren't the earrings the cutest?

Monday, May 22, 2006


Um, yeah ... so the intention to faithfully blog all new releases didn't come very far. Two new shoes & two new set of jewelry were released in the mean time, and I'll try to catch up on those soon :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cabochong ring

Lassitude & Ennui started as a jewelry shop, and making jewelry is still my primary passion in SL. I like rings a lot because they are often so quick to make, really spontaneous prim-slinging with instant gratification. After putting this ring together just to see if that specific idea would work well, I wore it non-stop for a week - that's when I decided it would be worth to actually release this. So here it is, after a bit of texturing work - a bold cabochon ring of the kind I'd wear iRL :) The snapshots could be better, the ring looks kinda flat ... in "virtual" it's a lot more 3 dimensional. And doesn't get culled too quickly either!

Sexy mules at Lassitude & Ennui

Latest release - finally got it done this weekend - sexy mules with and without pompom! This has been one of the more difficult releases. Getting the prims just right was quite a pain, especially considering how the LL foot mesh looks like anything but a foot. I was ready to give up many many times but with the enthusiastic reception those shoes have gotten, I'm really happy I didn't. Random trivia: only 13 prims for this mule! 19 for the pompom version.

Catching up with recent releases ... the ankle boots!

The second pair of boots - this time I stayed a bit closer to the victorian ankle boots I intended to make ;) I was inspired by the wonderful eclectic clothing Miss hyasynth Tiramisu designs - if you haven't seen her creations yet, go visit her store in Ironjaw NOW! Another plug - the excellent leather and button textures are by Lauren Fox of Lauren's Tiling Textures. She has an amazing choice of *original* textures. As to the boots, not much to say - the heels are lower and thicker than the calf boots', and the lower leg attachment part is a bit more tolerant of larger leg sizes.

Catching up with recent releases ... the calf boots!

My first successfull attempt at footwear - calf boots! I've been looking everywhere in SL for neat, classic leather calf boots with high heels - no luck. So I finally gave in and decided to try my hand at boot design. Those were intended to be victorian ankle boots but that's not what the prims wanted ... I still like the result ;) Very neat shape, one attachment for the foot, one for the leg shaped so one doesn't have parts of the AV mesh sticking out when the foot is bent, and much attention given to a natural shape of the foot.

Catching up with recent releases ... prelude

Well, a lot of things have happened since I last blogged ... got started with a fresh & furious career as AV attachment designer in SL! Yay for prims! A lot of SL designers have their own blogs and I think it's a really sweet idea to showcase recent releases, talk about ideas & inspiration etc. So I thought, why not use this blog that's been lying dormant for quite a time and keep track of the stuff that I release. So here we go ... :)