Saturday, November 26, 2005


It is a time of endings, and of new beginnings. I finally set up the store in Deneb (more on that in another post, one day) and got the moving bug - again. The snow sims in the Azure continent are so beautiful, I am about ready to leave Kaili for greener pastures. The non-commital nature of renting also appeals a lot to me - while the mainland is eclectic fun, being tied to 5k of land makes me a bit too immobile. So - I am packing up Kaili, hoping to sell quick... anyone in need of some very nice PG land, bordering on Linden land on two sides, with void sim on one side? ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005

*tap* *tap* hello? does anybody hear me?

everyone and their dog has a blog nowadays, and if they're in second life, they have a second life blog, of course. so, time for me to join the mob and start a blog, to document the adventures of the not-so-fictional character that is jackal ennui. she even has a semblant of a life, unlike the wetware which knows work, uni and sleep, and little in-between. well, except sci-fi. but that's for another blog. ;)