Thursday, December 07, 2006

Small things...

From :

"WHAT’S NEW? Those of you who requested this before will be pleased that there’s — finally! — a followable pattern to the order of restarts. Regions will be restarted from left-to-right, north-to-south!"

A small thing .. but what an annoyance to be chased accross half a dozen sims when one has bad judgmenent (or bad luck) in choosing a sim to flee to! Thanks LL! Now if you could only fix the classifieds *nudge*nudge* ;)

Today I migrated my blog to "Blogger beta" - which shouldn't affect you, dear readers, but it rids me of the annoying nag screen. And apparently, it comes with desirable new & shiny features.

Other than that, it's just planning for the big event - lots of little details to be taken care of, but it's fun to be doing something different for a while. So, don't expect much in terms of new products 'til 07 ;)

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