Not gone, just hiding ;)

Just a small update to let you all know that I'm still around - just up to the neck in SL projects (and RL took a good turn that leaves me *very* busy too). I've been invited to a collaboration with Callie Cline and Tuli Asturias, which is turning out totally awesome! I'm going into a very new style territory, but it's lots of fun. Other than that, there's still the neverending L&E boot project from hell - where I'm now stuck on the texturing, learning about custom PS brushes, trying to gain a level or two on texture drawing *sigh* There might be a little (non-wearable) surprise for Halloween though - I'll keep you posted :)

(AV card courtesy


Miriel Enfield said…
I sympathize about the textures. They're always the hardest part for me.

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