Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burning Life 2006

Yay I have a plot!!! And my friends elka and Seifert do too, I'm so happy for them :) Seifert did the coolest installation last year, little stations all over the BL sims that would accelerate the AV and send him a sim or two over - he built a similar thing in The Future, it's a very practical way to go to the different places, and so much more exciting than a sit-teleport. I still get goosebumps thinking about last year's BL - Burke's "grid off" switch, Cory's heaven and hell bubbles (the galaxy choker she gave out as a free keepsake is one of the reasons I started doing jewelry), Tyg Jarrico's crazy journey, Eddie Escher's AV scanning device, the Wiki build, the huge pirate adventure by I forgot who ... so many awesome builds, some fun, some serious, some thought-provoking. I still don't really know what to build myself - possibly expand on last year's cellular automaton thingy I built, but this time doing the computation in SL, allowing the AV to interact with it. Would be very script-heavy though, and I don't think that's a good idea :( I'll try to just let go and get infected by the creative atmosphere in the BL sims. Good thing it's nearly weekend!

On a totally unrelated note, I've been playing Oblivion again, after a break of a couple of weeks. It's good entertainment for when the grid is down or when I just don't feel like building stuff, and so far my favorite of all adventure / rpg games I've played. It's the little things that make it enjoyable .. like on tuesday night, my char closed an Oblivion portal, which means about 1.5 hours of hacking monsters to pieces in a very gory environment, and then rode back to Chorrol castle at about 5am, to be greeted by fog in the twilight of dawn. It was such a peacefull scene, so refreshing after the dungeon. Never played a game before that was so atmospheric. I should take screenshots one of these days.

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