Revenge of the FPS killer

It looks like the rental situation has been resolved in a satisfying manner ... eta "a couple of days" and I'll have a whole quarter sim to frolic in! ahem .. build a shop and do serious business in, of course. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of doing some sort of self-contained landscape without visual interference from neighbors or the restriction of flat land, and of course a bit more prims that usual doesn't hurt. I can't wait for the sim to be set up! *happy happy joy joy*

Despite the lapse in L&E releases, there's no shortage of things to do - I put my name in the hat for the Burning Life lottery, got a plot last year and it was a blast! I'm looking forward to it this year too. Also been having a better time than usual building shoes, it's becoming more of a creative challenge and less of a technical exercise. So now I'm focussing more on textures, it takes a lot of time but I think the results are really worth it, small details add so much depth and realism.

Though not doing any "new product" type postings atm, I want to entertain you with a snapshot:

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"Ishaya", a non-released FPS killer .. 111 prims for each earring, 51 for the bindi, 38 for the nose button, most of them torii. Makes 311 prims or a 1536sqm plot's allowance on one's head, and lets my FPS drop from 25ish to 15ish! Needless to say, it's safely tucked away in the poison cupboard and is never worn except for the odd snapshot :)


Iris Ophelia said…
Miriel Enfield said…
That's stunning! The prims are so tiny.

Where are you moving to?
Ennui said…
Thanks you two! The prims are mostly really thin slices of a really small torus - no magic behind that one.

Miriel, I'm moving to a private island that some guy is setting up and renting out in quarters ... last I looked it wasn't on the map yet. :( It's worse than waiting for Xmas morning to come!
Casandra said…
Congrats, always feels good to get new land and open up a new store. Much success.

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