Sunday, December 15, 2013

lassitude & ennui new necklace for Gothmas by gaslight

Cute & gothy little necklace, with a bat wing pendant on a ribbon and a large bow at the side. Ribbon and pearl are texture-change, and there are 6 coordinated textures. Comes in silver, gold or black metal - 180L$ each. Unrigged mesh, copy / mod, and as always, this is fully original work and design by yours truly.

Read the event blog or take a taxi to Gothmas by Gaslight

Saturday, December 07, 2013

lassitude & ennui - new 18th century Versailles shoes for We <3 RP

New & exclusive at We <3 RP, a monthly event that's all about roleplay!

18th century shoes, shiny and embroidered and with metallic piping and just totally overloaded. unrigged mesh, copy / mod special discounted price of 180L$ (will be 280L$ at the lassitude & ennui main store after the event)

Take a taxi to We <3 RP!

Monday, December 02, 2013

lassitude & ennui - new free Signature necklace

Fresh from the lassitude & ennui atelier, a casual necklace with a double leather cord and a gold or silver pendant. And the best part? it's for free! Get it now at the lassitude & ennui mainstore or at Shop Free*Style, which is a great location for up to date free and cheap (under 50L$) fashion and accessories.

Shoetopia closed its doors last night, and I can't wait for it to come back in 2014! But don't despair, all the lassitude & ennui Shoetopia 2013 releases are now on the marketplace and the mainstore, including the donation items (which are now regular items, same price, but no donation).

That's it from me for today, but look out for a special new release for We <3 RP