Thursday, November 30, 2006

More blogging goodness

After having the pleasure of IMing with Salome in-world a week or two ago, I was anxiously hoping for & awaiting the blog "re-opening" and yay! as of today, Lindenlifestyles is back, and what better to start with than a review of the Tete a Pied red-head skins. Awesome! Being currently more of a pale type, my favorite TaP tone is the rose light and I haven't yet have the pleasure of trying the readhead skins out, but this review does make me antsy to get the red hair out of storage and buy a skin (or two or three).

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Boots galore @ Lassitude & Ennui

After some of the recent L&E releases, I vowed to myself to never do more than one thing at a time, and never more than 5-6 colors .. and as all good intentions go, it was quickly forgotten as once more I launched into the crazyness of finishing not one, not two but three different styles of victorian-ish boots! Doing releases is the part where SL becomes a "classical" MMORPG for me - the grind of doing dozens of posters, texturing many dozens of boots, checking permissions and names and whatnot .. So between rounds of Oblivion to keep the spirits up, and trying to speed up the workflow with some clever scripting (which, quite predictably, back-fired pretty quickly ... but with a bit more work to straighten the various kinks, that auto-texturing script might become something very usefull) I finally managed to get those pretties into the store. And now, please excuse me while I go dance barefoot in the snow - I'm sick of boots for now.

All the details & info here: - also please note that the leg part isn't guaranteed to fit all manners of AV sizes & shapes - there is a demo available, do me & you a favor and just try it on, it'll cost you 0L$ and a minute of your time.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keyboard shortcut goodness

Tonight, LL released a new beta viewer for SL - which connects to the *main* *grid*! The main new feature is more keyboard shortcuts: tabbing through windows and input fields, in all input windows, like preferences or friends list. And the web tab in profiles seems to be back, I know I saw it in one of the preview client a couple of weeks back but I can't remember it on the live grid. So anyway, that whole keyboard shortcut thing looks pretty sweet, even though I still need a bit to get used to it. And of course I've already found a few bugs .. nothing major luckily. What I really liked about this preview release is a) that it connects to the main grid - so I can just use it without loosing builds like on Preview grid; and b) they're doing a user feedback web form thingy, that does a pretty good job of walking you through the new keyboard features. That's the kind of release I'd like to see more of :)

(And, of course, user-configurable keyboard shortcuts ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Awesome pants & scripting tidbits

Rosemary Galbraith announced this new pants on the forums this morning, and when I saw the ad, I was all "whoa! suspenders! high-waist! GOT TO HAVE THEM NOW!!!" and went on a breakfast shopping spree. They are so adorable, from the tweed-like fabric of the legs to the pinstripe detailling on the top, and of course the suspenders. I have a really hard time finding some nice, non-jeans pants in SL - preferably some that I can wear underwear under and not flash everyone - and these are just perfect. So here ya go. I just had to blog them. In the snapshot, I paired those with a tank top by Renegade, gloves by DoMoCo, a totally adorable short hair-cut by Icky Eccleston, the Cherry Gamine skin by Tête à Pied, and Eva shoes by yours truly.

And now for something completely different. If you sell stuff & have more than one location, you probably tag your selling boxes with some kind of shorthand code to indicate the location. I've always found this to be a bit of a time-wasting occupation, so I finally wrote a little script to automate this. Change the indicated value to whatever your location code is, drag & drop into each box, and it'll append this to the box name and delete itself. Caveat: object names are cut off after 255 characters. So don't use your newest novel as location code.

// change this to the location name or token
// for example (Cal) for Caledon
// the script automagically inserts a blank
// between item name and location code.
string location = "(Cal)";

// get the current object name
string prim_name = llGetObjectName();
// append blank and location code
prim_name = prim_name + " " + location;
// rename the object (this will cut off at 255 characters)
// and cleanup!


And finally, I wanted to mention Torley Linden's newest video tutorial, on taking snapshots! Lots of great tips there, and Torley has such a lovely voice :)

Well that's it for today ... back to the grind.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New shoes @ Lassitude & Ennui

Lots of news from L&E - I've moved the shop to Nouveau, a new island sim which the lovely & talented folks at Tête à Pied invited me to share with them & Miriel. The two other stores aren't open yet, but I'm sure that will be announced on the respective blogs.

Aaand ... new stuff! I totally didn't expect to get shoes ready anytime, but sometimes good thing just happen. I spent the last 10 days in a craze of building & texturing ( & swearing & frustration, but that shall not be blogged) and finally got those pretties ready. I am so immensely proud of them! 32 prims per shoe; more than 10 unique textures per tone (don't fret - all 256x256 px or smaller), all custom-made and hand-finished. It's been a very challenging & interesting experience, especially texturing-wise, but it's good to be learning so much. Of course I couldn't decide on a reasonable number of colors, so they come in 12 tones plus 5 duotones. Enough choice to mix & match with about everything ;)

Technical specs: 32 prims, fits foot size 0, permissions no mod / copy / no transfer (IM me for gift delivery or to buy no copy / transfer), comes with gold and with silver button version in one box, 300L$ per or buy the fatpack (all 17 tones) for 50% off, or various 5 style packs for 25% off.

Thanks for looking, and good night.

Saturday, November 04, 2006