Monday, August 28, 2006


Last night I finally got some serious work done on the new shop. It still lacks a roof and a lot of details, but it's looking quite good so far I think. It's a huge space but 4 rooms so it doesn't look too intimidating. I'm still thinking about adding some kind of tower (because a factory needs a supervisor, a big clock and some chimneys) but I don't really know where it would fit well. Also the roof will likely be half kaputt, to enable people to fly in & out, so it's a bit difficult to work a tower into that. The new logo looks very sexy on a dark grey concrete background, it was sooo totally worth hiring a pro to do that.

Still todo: lots of textures. I've been using Linden textures to get a feel for the build, but the Linden concrete texture has ugly repeats when tiled. That is the one thing that often makes or breaks a building for me: patterns that are not part of the design but turn up once a texture is tiled & repeated. Yuck. So I need to photosource a good concrete (good thing there's!) and add shadows to it and to the bricks - also get a nice grate texture for some fittings .. and maybe a better glass texture than the one I'm using right now.

I'm trying to keep the number of textures down so that everything rezzes fast - will probably have to resize & reupload some of my box textures too - (almost) everything at 256x256 will make people's graphic cards happy. Currently I'm getting around 40-50fps in the sim, so of course it's my goal to keep the place as low-lag as possible. My landlord is very lag-conscious too, now I hope the other two neighbors will behave ;)

Also been revising the "big relaunch in october" plans - it's too much stress and I won't be able to get the new boot line ready by then. So now the plan is to get the shop open by mid-september with a small jewelry update, and get the boots ready by whenever, or just release them in small installements. I can only admire people like Elikapeka who manage to rebuild an entire sim over a weekend!

In other news, there's now a Lassitude & Ennui update group! Search -> Groups for "Lassitude" and join - it's open enrollment. I'm not quite sure what "specials" I'll have for group members - I'll probably raffle one "fatpack" of each new release. Probably no VIP / "group only" items since I'm slow enough at building stuff.

Oh and, building with physics is a lot of fun :>

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy mode

Current state of things:
- 1 (one) Burning life plot
- 1 (one) quarter sim rental that went online on friday (yay!)
- 1 (one) awesome new logo for Lassitude & Ennui (yay for graphic designers!)
- 1 (one) full-time job from monday (!!!!!!)
- many (too many) projects to complete

I hope to get some scripting done on the BL plot today. Got a friend to help with brainstorming & concepts, and she'll do the sound effects .. this could be an awesome installation if I manage to tackle the scripting. Also have to get started on the shop build - I did a 1:1 scale sketch on the rental plot to get a feeling for the size of things but this is going to need a lot of work both in the texture & prim department, and I haven't built this large-scale for ages. So expect a lot of build-blogging in the next days!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burning Life 2006

Yay I have a plot!!! And my friends elka and Seifert do too, I'm so happy for them :) Seifert did the coolest installation last year, little stations all over the BL sims that would accelerate the AV and send him a sim or two over - he built a similar thing in The Future, it's a very practical way to go to the different places, and so much more exciting than a sit-teleport. I still get goosebumps thinking about last year's BL - Burke's "grid off" switch, Cory's heaven and hell bubbles (the galaxy choker she gave out as a free keepsake is one of the reasons I started doing jewelry), Tyg Jarrico's crazy journey, Eddie Escher's AV scanning device, the Wiki build, the huge pirate adventure by I forgot who ... so many awesome builds, some fun, some serious, some thought-provoking. I still don't really know what to build myself - possibly expand on last year's cellular automaton thingy I built, but this time doing the computation in SL, allowing the AV to interact with it. Would be very script-heavy though, and I don't think that's a good idea :( I'll try to just let go and get infected by the creative atmosphere in the BL sims. Good thing it's nearly weekend!

On a totally unrelated note, I've been playing Oblivion again, after a break of a couple of weeks. It's good entertainment for when the grid is down or when I just don't feel like building stuff, and so far my favorite of all adventure / rpg games I've played. It's the little things that make it enjoyable .. like on tuesday night, my char closed an Oblivion portal, which means about 1.5 hours of hacking monsters to pieces in a very gory environment, and then rode back to Chorrol castle at about 5am, to be greeted by fog in the twilight of dawn. It was such a peacefull scene, so refreshing after the dungeon. Never played a game before that was so atmospheric. I should take screenshots one of these days.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Revenge of the FPS killer

It looks like the rental situation has been resolved in a satisfying manner ... eta "a couple of days" and I'll have a whole quarter sim to frolic in! ahem .. build a shop and do serious business in, of course. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of doing some sort of self-contained landscape without visual interference from neighbors or the restriction of flat land, and of course a bit more prims that usual doesn't hurt. I can't wait for the sim to be set up! *happy happy joy joy*

Despite the lapse in L&E releases, there's no shortage of things to do - I put my name in the hat for the Burning Life lottery, got a plot last year and it was a blast! I'm looking forward to it this year too. Also been having a better time than usual building shoes, it's becoming more of a creative challenge and less of a technical exercise. So now I'm focussing more on textures, it takes a lot of time but I think the results are really worth it, small details add so much depth and realism.

Though not doing any "new product" type postings atm, I want to entertain you with a snapshot:

Free Image Hosting at

"Ishaya", a non-released FPS killer .. 111 prims for each earring, 51 for the bindi, 38 for the nose button, most of them torii. Makes 311 prims or a 1536sqm plot's allowance on one's head, and lets my FPS drop from 25ish to 15ish! Needless to say, it's safely tucked away in the poison cupboard and is never worn except for the odd snapshot :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006


The demise of the Linden-run forums has prompted an exchange of blog addresses on, which I have duly added to the link list. I still haven't become friends with Sage, though considering how big the list has become (and I'm still missing most SL-related blogs!) that might be a good idea.

No news on the land front, I am still waiting to hear from a prospective landlord - for a *really* big piece of land but one that should be big enough for another year or so. ;)

The picture is a little sneak preview ... I have no idea when it'll be in the store, what with the space shortage and such. Bit more primmy than usual, and best worn with plunging necklines.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Learning ...

... patience.

The Deneb store is almost at full capacity both space-wise and prim-wise; no better with the two Caledon outlets. I desperately need to move the main store to a bigger location (and possibly close one of the smaller ones). Now the rental empire where I have been renting for L&E since Nov05 (same sim, no less) and which is currently full wrt commercial rentals, had a nice block of islands added a couple of weeks ago and each island has a description of "future commercial land". Sounds good, doesn't it? So for weeks, I've been keeping an eye on a place, waiting for terraforming to happen & the infrastructure to be set in place and .. nada. So more than a week ago I asked one of the barons-in-office there and got an ETA of last weekend. A week later: still nada, and I'm slowly starting to loose my patience.

So in the hopes of finding greener pastures, I've been scouting commercial rentals and keeping an eye on the rental forum. Word to the wise? If you want to get rich quick, open up a few commercial islands. The ones I've visited are almost all booked solid. Even the smaller, no-name ones. I've managed to find one island which would have a suitable plot, except it's a) tropical white sand island type of setup (and I was planning on doing a derelict 19th century factory as shop) b) there's no infrastructure at all, no road, only small water channels c) the rentals are not automated, there's not even an info card giver, one has to IM the owner to learn of rates & such. Tripple bleh. Does it beat waiting for another few weeks? Probably not. But hey, instant gratification is so much more fun than listening to reason :/

Anyway, enough ranting. If you made it that far, gratz :P
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Casual thursday?!

"Casual" - new cute shoes from L&E! They have a bit of a lower heel & a large metal buckle on the side, and come in 11 different prints and leathers. I chose some different prints than usual this time (and I hope *someone* will recognize her textures there ;) ) - now to see how adventurous my customers are ;) no worries, there's also basic black or white.