Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy holidays from lassitude & ennui

The Happy Holidays hunt is on, and lassitude & ennui is honored to be a part of it this year. Look for a scroll somewhere in the shop .. it's not far from the landing spot, don't despair! The hunt item is 10L$ and I think it's really worth it. Permissions mod / copy, and it's almost unisex, if you guys don't mind a bit of a heel.

Store and hint list at: or join " The With Love From... Hunts" group in-world.

In January 2011, the boots will be re-released as regular item, with five more colors:

Sunday, December 05, 2010

new Thecla boots at lassitude & ennui

New boots at lassitude & ennui

6 colors, mod / copy, unscripted and resizeable using the edit tools.

350L$ per, or 1200L$ for the fatpack with all six colors. Demos of all colors available.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bleeding Hearts and Leaf jewelry new at lassitude & ennui

Every story ends when tension is requited. The Bleeding Heart jewelry set from Lassitude & Ennui keeps to the tale before true love's kiss, telling a story that will never end - purity in the pearls, unrequited love in the petals of the bleeding heart flower.

Perms mod / copy, all original sculpts and textures, with low-lag texture change HUD, silver / copper / gold / black details, and four colors of pearls. 390L$ in the charity vendor, 50% of which goes to Oxfam.

Celebrate autumn and the changing of seasons with this elven jewelry set. Includes a delicate necklace, head circlet in two sizes and a bracelet.

Perms mod / copy, all original sculpts and textures, unscripted. 190L$ per set (silver / black or gold / copper)

TP to my booth at Jewelry Fair (follow the beacon from the landing point)

Read more about Jewelry Fair 2010

Leaf jewelry set in a special green / green black / green copper version. Only available at my accessories stand for Call for Couture, which runs from Oct 10th to Oct 31st!

TP to my stand at Call for Couture (follow the beacon from the landing point)

Read more about Call for Couture

Monday, October 04, 2010

Alpha layer updates

I have updated all my newer shoes & boots with alpha layers for viewer 2. If you purchased Imogene, Patchwork or Severian, you can pick up the alpha layers for free at the store or on the marketplace. If you purchased Dandy or Miss Dandy, you should have received an updated version with alpha layers and no invisiprim last night.

As always, if you have any questions, IM Jackal Ennui :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oreb jewelry set new at lassitude & ennui

lassitude & ennui is participating in the Witch Hunt - which runs from September 18th to 26th - with this unisex jewelry set. Oreb comes in three sizes (larger size for men, and smaller size with a cleavage and a non-cleavage option - the cleavage option has a more strongly curved leather cord) and with a texture-change HUD. You can switch between silver, gold, copper and black for the metal, and brown, green, white and black for the leather cord. The texture-change is one script only in the necklace & earrings, which can be removed if so desired - instructions are included. Permissions are mod / copy, resizing is easily done using the build tools.

After the hunt, Oreb will be available at lassitude & ennui for 290L$ but why wait! Pick it up for free now, and take a notecard with landmarks to all participating stores.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

lassitude & ennui Dandy / Miss Dandy new at Shoe Fair 2010

It's time for Shoe Fair 2010, and a new lassitude & ennui release!

Dandy and Miss Dandy, steampunk-inspired shoes for him and her, available at Shoe Fair 2010 until August 22nd, and at the lassitude & ennui main shop after that date.

mod / copy / no trans, with removable foot locking script. 150L$ each.

20% of each sale benefits Soles 4 Souls

Teleport to lassitude & ennui at Shoe Fair 2010 and follow the red beacon from the landing point.

Thank you for looking, and don't forget to visit all the other awesome designers featured at Shoe Fair 2010!

More about Shoe Fair 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

One for the guys ... Severian boots new at lassitude & ennui

Severian unisex boots

Sleek uniform or riding boots - built for guys, but rather unisex I think. Available in five muted colors, each comes in three sizes (small for the ladies, large for the bulkier gents and medium for those in-between). Permissions mod / copy, resize yourself for a perfect fit. 250L$ at lassitude & ennui in Nouveau or on XStreetSL. Demo available in-world!

psst: fashion bloggers, drop me an IM if you fancy a review copy :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patchwork ankle boots new at Lassitude & Ennui

Another catch-up post today! But after this one we're finally done.

Patchwork ankle boots in 10 colors. An easy to use HUD allows you to change the button color to gold or silver - with a very small script footprint (one script per boot) to keep ressource usage to a minimum. Permissions mod / copy - resize yourself.

300L$ per pair, or get all colors in a fatpack for half off. Available at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pince-nez "Steampunk" new at Lassitude & Ennui

For the discerning retro-geek, a delicate pince-nez in steampunk style. Available in black, copper, silver or gold, and with a menu to change the glasses' color. The pince-nez is fully mod though - resize all or tint the glasses to just the right color.

Permissions mod/copy, 100L$ each at lassitude & ennui in Nouveau.

Sidenote: as with every lassitude & ennui release, if you're a fashion blogger and fancy a review copy, IM me with your blog URL. If you decide to use it in one of your posts, I ask that credit is given - and if you decide not to review it, no biggie, I won't mind (much) :) So don't be shy!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Victorian ankle boots new at Lassitude & Ennui

Well, new-ish .. those were actually released a month ago but I was too lazy to blog them.

10 colors, easy to use HUD to change heel and button color (black or color-coordinated, and also gold / silver for the buttons). Perms mod / copy: resize yourself without fancy scripts. 350L$ at lassitude & ennui in Nouveau, or buy the fatpack for half off.

You can use any hud with any of the boot colors. There's only one script per boot, so if you prefer non-scripted attachments, take a copy of the boots, change the color to whatever you fancy, delete the script, done. So if you attend events with a strict non-script policy, that's no issue!

Thanks for looking <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

new subscribeomatic at lassitude & ennui

yep i finally installed a subscribeomatic - no more using up a group slot to keep up to date. the kiosk is at the landing point, simply touch to subscribe, that's it!

also there's a flickr group for l&e now: feel free to join and submit your pics featuring l&e accessories. i hope it's all configed correctly, let me know if you can't submit pics! i'm pretty new to this flickr thing :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

*waves* i'm back!

yep that's right - after a break of almost two years i'm finally back to designing stuff in SL :) let's see how long it will keep this time ;)

i completely rebuilt the shop on nouveau sim:

more on my flickr stream to the right.

there's two new sculpted boots i'll post later and, since i've been getting requests for those every so often i added a bargain section with ooooold stuff for really cheap, to the shop. like, get the old (non-sculptie) mules and sandals in all colors for 60L$.