Saturday, July 29, 2006

New new new!

Why is it that my blog is always the last thing to be updated on new releases? *lol* Anyway, so here's the newest stuff from L&E, a bit more than usual - stuff piled up in my inventory without me getting time to do a release .. and of course the longer I wait, the more work it is. So, from top to bottom: two pairs of shoes! a bit more ornate and detailled than what I usually do; I've finally come to a point in shoe-building where it's not all about the technical side of it .. but there's also a bit of room for creativity. The high-heel ones are super-glamour, super-sexy - I totally love them. The low-heel ones were more to "test the waters", since everyone clamors for low-heel shoes .. still they're very cute & elegant at the same time. I think they'd be absolutely adorable on a flower child at a wedding. Forgot to write that into the forum post actually *grrr*

Now the jewelry .. first one is super kitsh ;) but that just has to be sometimes. After finishing some other, yet unreleased because (very awesome) collab work, I had to do some quick & fun work for a change - cue this bracelet. Some people actually seem to enjoy it! Second one is a big departure from the usual organic / curvy stuff I do. Drew the idea for the central piece, and then the rest just followed naturally while building - this is really the kind of building I love to do, when all seems to flow & go together. It's a really silly amount of prims, but since 98% of that are box prims, I don't feel half bad about it ;) Oh and the name is from one of my favorite books, but no one seems to have picked up on that yet.


Miriel Enfield said...

I know I commented on the necklace in world, but they all look great! I especially like the rainbow stones, and I'm still deciding which pair of shoes I should buy.

JackalE said...

A comment! a comment!!! *does the happy happy joy joy dance* the first ever in that blog! :)) And thank you for the kind words. The rainbow stones were a last-minute idea that turned out so nice that I had to release that style too. I guess the stark geometry of the prims lends itself to a bit more color than usual without being gaudy.

Miriel Enfield said...

Haha, I do that little dance, too, whenever I get comments. ;) I think you may be right about the rainbow stones. Probably doesn't hurt that it's a more modern style, either. Either way, it's really striking.