What not to do

Log in as alt with mod rights to quickly try out an idea; shift-drag a copy of a bit of a work-in-progress item; blissfully start editing said shift-dragged copy and delete half of it; realize that a) the idea works b) the shift-dragged copy is actually the original, and the real copy is now no-mod, no-copy! ; swear profusely, log in with main account and rebuild the broken item. Oh SL, thy permission & building system will drive me crazy one day.

In other news, I seem to have deleted my modelling stand!! This is what comes from late night inventory clean-up crazes. It's not so much the expense of replacing the poses (half of them were pretty useless anyway) but rather that I have no idea what exact poses I actually had in that thing, and some of them seem to have been no-copy! Frustrating, all of this.


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