Friday, September 15, 2006

Two new at Lassitude & Ennui!

How lame is that, my blog is the last place to be updated about new releases *lol* Sorry, I was up much too late last night getting those two puppies in the store (and on the forums) and bed looked like a much better idea than more time in front of the PC.

Soooo .. what have we today. First off, "Irina", which you might have seen a few posts back - ultra-detailled jewelry set (the pics are pretty shitty, the necklace is too long to snap in close-up). Heavy chain-links, large stones and a slightly flexi tassel for a decadent beauty that will draw all eyes on you. The flexi is really just a little bit - no wiggly rubber tentacle, oh no! - just enough to emphasis the decolleté. Wear with a really low-cut gown if you dare! Comes in black, silver, gold and with a choice of diamonds, rubies or onyx. 420L$, mod / no copy / trans.

Second, the "Signature" jewelry set, which is simply the new L&E logo done in prims. Pretty choker & earrings, set with diamonds, comes in black, silver, gold. Get it for 0L$ (yea, that's right, zero L$!) and get one for your friends too, it's no mod / no copy / trans. A little thank you to my customers.

In other news, I've brought back Lydia & Captive, each set for 50L$, and the Spikey finger ring now comes with matching earrings, the set for 25L$. All of this can be found in the basement room of the new shop. I'm still debating whether to bring back Souls or not, I know some people really like it but I find the construction to be both crude and prim-heavy .. we'll see. Another freebie, found right on the "New releases" wall: a new gift box!

Oh, and lest I forget: the new shop is at Iron(60,60), or take the TP from my picks. I'll be taking down the Deneb shop pretty soon, so update your landmarks :))

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I haven't blogged for more than a week (*gasp*) not only because I was insanely busy in RL, but also because there simply wasn't anything to report. I think the shop is finished now. The snapshot collage above shows it from a few angles. It's actually pretty large but in commercial builds I think it doesn't hurt to have a rather large scale, so people can cam around without obstruction and don't bump into stuff all the time. Initially I wanted to add a roof - a huge glass roof with metal trusses - but it made the space feel too enclosed. So no roof.

I set up the selling boxes on thursday, still have to update all the landmarks and dreading that work .. also no new releases, I hope to get Irina out and the new shop opened somewhen next week. I tried taking pics of Irina but they don't cut out well at all with the fluffy things on the earrings. So I'll have to do that all over again and just take the snaps on a suitable background to keep in the picture.

Wanted to mention this article again: since the link didn't work in the coments - I used the technique presented there to do the concrete floor & wall details for the new shop, and it works pretty well. Was more of a disappoinment on the brick texture I initially wanted to use, it's a bit tricky to get just the right amount of color back into the pic.

And now to something completely different .. I treated myself to a huge pile of books a couple of days ago - "Olympos" by Dan Simmon (totally enjoyed "Illium" & looking forward to this one), "The man in the high castle" by P.K.Dick (can't have too much PKD), the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson (all three books in one go, the ladies at the bookshop were quite amused) and, um, "Knife of dreams" by Robert Jordan - yea I occasionally like cheesy fantasy, some people have comfort food, I have comfort books. You can guess which one I started reading right away ;) yes, the last one. The pace of the story is tectonic by now, and the style can get terribly repetitive, but I first read the books when I was 17, and I want to know how it ends!!!

Also discovered some pretty cool music, by Adam Freeland - "We want your soul" is part of the soundtrack of (wicked quake rocket-jumping tricks - the timing on those is inhuman) and totally got me hooked. Now I'm listening to the "Now & Then" album where the song is to be found, upbeat electro with a lot of genre crossovers.