Sunday, November 01, 2015

lassitude & ennui Koala avatars for The Gacha Garden

Gacha Garden starts on Nov 1st, and I made a thing for it!

lassitude & ennui Koala avatars for Gacha Garden
not your typical lassitude & ennui fare. It's a tiny koala avatar, about 80 cm tall (a bit over knee height for a regular sized human av)

Each one comes with a custom AO and a HUD with special animations:

lassitude & ennui Koala anims
I'm especially proud of the butt sniff one.

And of course you can use your own poses, animations, AO, dances etc. with this avatar. Some work well, some are hilarious, some work less, well especially if the arms are held close to the body.

75L$ per pull
trans / no copy rigged mesh
includes custom AO with walk, fly, hover, sit, three stands
Zombie koala has a special zombie walk!
Teleport to the Gacha Garden - my machine is on the back of the big tree, next to the ramp and to a giant mushroom.

Event info:
starts on Nov 1st
Special thing about this event is the "Seed of inspiration"
an item which you get - guaranteed - on every 20th pull
in addition to whatever you won that pull.

As always, original mesh by Jackal Ennui

Sunday, July 19, 2015

lassitude & ennui for The Epiphany gacha event - fantasy staves!

lassitude & ennui for Epiphany gacha

new from lassitude & ennui, for the Epiphany gacha event - a collection of fantasy staves. 6 commons in various wood colors, featuring a rotating, color-change stone. Two rares - Staff of life, decorated with blossoms, and Staff of jewels, decorated with blossoms and metal accents. All textures can be changed on the rare staves (6 wood options, 6 stone options + 6 blossom options in matching colors, plus gold / silver / black for the metal accents on the Staff of jewels)

lassitude & ennui for Epiphany July 2015

Items are mod / trans, 25L$ per play at The Epiphany. And what super special and awesome about this event, is that you can turn in your unwanted items for points, and redeem those points for exclusive items that won't be available after the event. From lassitude & ennui, the exclusive is the Crown of jewels, matching the Staff of jewels. Everything is texture-change, just like the staff, with matching textures.

lassitude & ennui Exclusive for Epiphany July 2015

SLURL: The Epiphany

Saturday, June 06, 2015

lassitude & ennui new Sunna necklace for We Love RP

lassitude & ennui Sunna necklace

new from lassitude & ennui for We heart emoticon RP - the Sunna necklace, available in silver gold or black metal. Each comes with white and black cord. Available at 25% discount at We  heart emoticon  RP until June 30th, and at the mainstore afterwards!