Saturday, October 11, 2014

lassitude & ennui for Mystic Realms fair - new heels, new boots and new jewelry!

lassitude & ennui new for Mystics Realms fair

Mystic Realms fair is a new yearly event that's all about fantasy and roleplay!

Gothique - towering high-heels with extravagant demon heels. Rigged mesh, fits Slink high foot. Available in 6 leather color, each color includes silver, gold and black metal version. mod / copy, 280L$ each.

Bird of prey - sculptural unisex necklace with texture-change semiprecious stone ball. Available in silver, gold or black metal. mod / copy, 180L$ each.

Captain's boots - based on the Buccaneer boots, a more elaborate version with a suede leather fold-top, detailled gold embroidery and straps. Includes fitted mesh rigged version, and unrigged version. mod / copy, 280L$ each.

Original mesh by Jackal Ennui. Please try the free demos! Taxi to the fair

Sunday, October 05, 2014

lassitude & ennui new Slink-compatible pumps for Candy Fair

lassitude & ennui for Candy Fair

new from lassitude & ennui, for Candy Fair: Spin spin sugar pumps in 6 lickable colors - original mesh, includes rigged version for Slink medium feet, and unrigged version. Each color comes with white striped (cute!) and black striped (boo!) version.

Get them at Candy fair until Oct 17th, and at the lassitude & ennui main store afterwards!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

lassitude & ennui Steampunk Wayfinder choker for A Clockwork Spiral

lassitude & ennui Wayfinder choker for A Clockwork Spiral

Are you a fan of all things steampunk, dieselpunk or dark victorian? A Clockwork Spiral is running until Oct 1st, showcasing the best steampunk designers in SL, and benefitting the National Kidney Foundation. lassitude & ennui brings the Wayfinder choker - an original mesh unrigged accessory with color-change choker band and a choice of gold, silver or black metal. 50% of the proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

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