Sunday, April 29, 2007

New retro pumps at Lassitude & Ennui

This is not what I've been working on these past weeks, or something I was planning on making. But sometimes, there's a bitchy, needy idea that comes up and nags "build me! build me! build me now!!!" So I gave in and spent the last few days on these pumps which were quite the texturing challenge - but I'm rather pleased with the outcome. They have slightly uptorned toes and a heel with attitude, finely detailled, button straps (half prims, half texture magic) and piping in constrating color. The Chocobleu coloring (brown shoe with robin's egg blue piping) might be a bit daring in terms of fashion, but I like how well it goes with the Confetti dress at Bossa Nova (seen at [url=""][/url]). Other than that, some basic colors and a bit of spring freshness.

Fits foot size 0, permissions no mod / copy / no trans, demo available for 0L$ (try it on, pretty please!) - 300L$ per pair or get the fatpack: all colors, half off. Available at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau(60,60) on the new products wall, right across the door.

I've moved some of my older styles (Urban, City, Calf boot, Casual) to the bargain basement and deeply discounted them - 100L$ for the shoes, 150L$ for the boots. If you don't know where the bargain basement is, there's teleports in the shoe section. (Or just walk down to the jewelry section, then keep left - there's some stairs further down to the basement)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New bag at Lassitude & Ennui

To go with the Traveller boots posted recently, I made this casual bag after seeing a random girl (RL) with a cute square leather bag. Well, it ended up looking pretty different but I really like the result! The textures used here are the same as with the traveller boots, so they go well together. I made three different holding poses for the bag - hand on strap, hand on bag and arm hanging down - for a bit more individuality. There's also a "no pose" mode because I noticed that the bag looks good with many of my AO poses. Everything's controlled with an easy touch dialogue menu. The poses animate the right arm only and they're prio 4, so they should play well with most AO poses. There's a fully featured demo available so you can actually verify that directly with your AO.

Permissions are mod / copy / no transfer (script and poses are no mod) so yes, you can resize it bigger. I considered adding a second, larger size version but decided that making it +mod would be easier for all around. Attachment point is spine so you can wear it & some jewelry (typically attaching to chest). I don't know about collars, they might attach to spine too, but it should be easy enough to change the attachment point to chest - if not, ping me in-world and I'll take care of that for you.

Available in black or brown, 300L$. Only at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau(60,60). Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Lots new at Lassitude & Ennui!

I've been severly slacking in the blog update department ... so let's catch up on the last week of releases:

A while ago, elka asked me to make plattform versions of the Elizabeth boots, for a more Harajuku / gothic loli compatible style - while this is totally not my usual style, I was very excited to take on this project and go into a totally new direction. And that's how Asuka and Hitomi came to be. Asuka comes in 9 colors with contrasting trim and both silver & gold buttons, like the Eli boots. Hitomi comes in 7 colors with lace trims and a cute little bow in front and behind the ankle. Both fit best with foot size 0; but the actual shoe size is bit larger and corresponds to a 20 - it's just easier to hide the foot mesh inside the prims when it's size 0. As usual, permissions no mod / copy / no transfer, 370L$ for Asuka and 250L$ for Hitomi.

To go with Hitomi:

Dainty cameo choker with lace detailling, and delicate prim frame around the (texture) cameo. Comes in the same 7 colors as Hitomi, set containing both gold & silver version available for 160L$. Permissions mod / no copy / transfer.

More shoes - "Signature" sandals with leather straps in 3 colors and large metal Signature ornament, to go with the Signature choker. And, staying in the spirit of the freebie Signature jewelry, these shoes are free too - 0L$! Set includes both silver & gold version. As always, careful detailling & custom textures.

And last but not least, the divalicious "Elena":

A dramatic necklace, luxurious cascade of diamonds set in gold, silver or blackened metal. With matching bracelet and two different sets of earrings, one straight diamond drop and one with double curved diamond rows. This jewelry set is great with formal gowns & dresses. Permissions mod / no copy / transfer - 450L$.

Everything's available in Nouveau(60,60) - I'm currently renovating the Caledon Tamrannoch store and will hopefully have the full selection available there mid-may at latest.