Keyboard shortcut goodness

Tonight, LL released a new beta viewer for SL - which connects to the *main* *grid*! The main new feature is more keyboard shortcuts: tabbing through windows and input fields, in all input windows, like preferences or friends list. And the web tab in profiles seems to be back, I know I saw it in one of the preview client a couple of weeks back but I can't remember it on the live grid. So anyway, that whole keyboard shortcut thing looks pretty sweet, even though I still need a bit to get used to it. And of course I've already found a few bugs .. nothing major luckily. What I really liked about this preview release is a) that it connects to the main grid - so I can just use it without loosing builds like on Preview grid; and b) they're doing a user feedback web form thingy, that does a pretty good job of walking you through the new keyboard features. That's the kind of release I'd like to see more of :)

(And, of course, user-configurable keyboard shortcuts ;)


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