Awesome pants & scripting tidbits

Rosemary Galbraith announced this new pants on the forums this morning, and when I saw the ad, I was all "whoa! suspenders! high-waist! GOT TO HAVE THEM NOW!!!" and went on a breakfast shopping spree. They are so adorable, from the tweed-like fabric of the legs to the pinstripe detailling on the top, and of course the suspenders. I have a really hard time finding some nice, non-jeans pants in SL - preferably some that I can wear underwear under and not flash everyone - and these are just perfect. So here ya go. I just had to blog them. In the snapshot, I paired those with a tank top by Renegade, gloves by DoMoCo, a totally adorable short hair-cut by Icky Eccleston, the Cherry Gamine skin by Tête à Pied, and Eva shoes by yours truly.

And now for something completely different. If you sell stuff & have more than one location, you probably tag your selling boxes with some kind of shorthand code to indicate the location. I've always found this to be a bit of a time-wasting occupation, so I finally wrote a little script to automate this. Change the indicated value to whatever your location code is, drag & drop into each box, and it'll append this to the box name and delete itself. Caveat: object names are cut off after 255 characters. So don't use your newest novel as location code.

// change this to the location name or token
// for example (Cal) for Caledon
// the script automagically inserts a blank
// between item name and location code.
string location = "(Cal)";

// get the current object name
string prim_name = llGetObjectName();
// append blank and location code
prim_name = prim_name + " " + location;
// rename the object (this will cut off at 255 characters)
// and cleanup!


And finally, I wanted to mention Torley Linden's newest video tutorial, on taking snapshots! Lots of great tips there, and Torley has such a lovely voice :)

Well that's it for today ... back to the grind.


CronoCloud said…
Aren't the OWANB suspender trousers awesome! I saw you wearing them today!

Your Eva's are awesome too, everyone is wearing them.
Ennui said…
Those pants are most definitely awesome. Now go and blog them too, I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere else and that makes me super-sad. Or, better yet, a whole 20ies / 30ies fashion topic :D
Anonymous said…
!! i wasn't signed up on this to comment before, but i'd like to mention: thank you kindly
i now wear the zebra boots and eva mochas often :D

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