Friday, June 03, 2011

lassitude & ennui for CH1C

This month marks one year of CHIC Management, and I was very excited to be invited for the birthday event. I've had the pleasure of taking part in various CHIC events for over half a year. Keira's professional attitude and attention to detail make it a joy to work with her. Keira, I wish you much continued success with all your SL ventures. You deserve it!

Now back to shoes! \o/ These cute & creepy maryjanes come in seven colors (red & purple not pictured) with black or white accents, and itty bitty skulls & bows. 250L$, available at the CH1C birthday events - details here: SLURL will be added to this post once the event opens. CH1C opens June 4th at 4pm SLT and runs until June 29th.

These shoes will be available in my main store after the event.

lassitude & ennui at Black*Butler hunt

I am very excited to take part in the Black*Butler hunt! Inspired by the anime of the name title, this hunt will take you through an awesomely eclectic selection of SL shops, hunting for a sad little teddybear. Some of the hunt prizes are directly inspired by the anime, some are more generally victorian inspired (like mine). It's a short hunt (34 shops) and totally worth doing - lots of wonderful japanese designers taking part.

Starting point:
or jump directly to lassitude & ennui:

You're looking for a little teddy bear. Hint for lassitude & ennui: he's very tired and taking a break on the bench.

Doll ankle boots and more jewelry

Totally late with that posting! These boots debuted at Shoe Fair 2011 and are now available at my main store (SLURL on top of the page). 7 colors, 250L$ each, the brocade part is color-change. The colors match the Elegance top hat and the Ophelia chokers. Perfect for a doll / EGL styling!

The Ophelia cameo pendant comes with 6 cameo presets, and a HUD where you can add your own images! Keep a snapshot of your loved one close to your heart. Super easy to use, just rez the HUD and add up to 6 full-perm textures or snapshots to the content, then wear it and chose the image you want to display.

The Ophelia choker is texture-change with 7 different colors that coordinate with the Doll ankle boots, Flora boots and Elegance top-hats. Perfect for a victorian or EGL styling.