(No longer) need models for event on Nouveau sim

Edit: Thank you to all who sent in applications, I've found three wonderful models!

I'll be needing 2-3 models for an event on sunday, December 17th, 1-3pm SLT. I'm looking for female models only, who should be comfortable with (tasteful) nudity in front of an audience - nothing smutty, it's for skins & jewelry showcasing, but you'll be pretty much nekkid. More specifically, I need models who like wearing Tete a Pied skins and who have a realistic build - short & chubby, tall & feminine is ok, silicon tits on a stick ain't. You should be amenable to slight changes to your avatar - like being asked to remove glasses / piercings, asked to wear a specific hair style (which I would, of course, provide) or to set your feet size 0. Nothing dramatic, but I'm going for a very specific look and if you're willing to cooperate, that would really help me.

What's in it for the models? You get to keep everything you wear (a skin, a jewelry set, possibly some shoes / boots) and 500L$ cash. Also you'll get a the opportunity to be part of a one-of-a-kind event that's going to be very very awesome. Poses and all accessories will be supplied, you just need to be there and look pretty, from 12:45 to 3pm SLT. (Since the poses will be static and no interaction required, some afk-ness is ok - but who would want to miss the party ;)

If you're interested, please send me a notecard titled "Nouveau event - Your name" and include a facial snapshot (frontal) with your usual hair color and wearing a TaP skin if you own one, a full-body snapshot (3/4, bikini or naked), list your favorite Tete a Pied skin tone(s) and whether you usually wear silver, black or gold jewelry. Please no fancy lighting, PS effects etc, I just need a plain snapshot to gauge whether your look would compliment the set. Please include times at which it would be convenient to contact you, and whether you'd have time for a short rehearsal on friday Dec 15th, around 3pm SLT. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Unknown said…
If you need a model for future events...

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