Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cabochong ring

Lassitude & Ennui started as a jewelry shop, and making jewelry is still my primary passion in SL. I like rings a lot because they are often so quick to make, really spontaneous prim-slinging with instant gratification. After putting this ring together just to see if that specific idea would work well, I wore it non-stop for a week - that's when I decided it would be worth to actually release this. So here it is, after a bit of texturing work - a bold cabochon ring of the kind I'd wear iRL :) The snapshots could be better, the ring looks kinda flat ... in "virtual" it's a lot more 3 dimensional. And doesn't get culled too quickly either!

Sexy mules at Lassitude & Ennui

Latest release - finally got it done this weekend - sexy mules with and without pompom! This has been one of the more difficult releases. Getting the prims just right was quite a pain, especially considering how the LL foot mesh looks like anything but a foot. I was ready to give up many many times but with the enthusiastic reception those shoes have gotten, I'm really happy I didn't. Random trivia: only 13 prims for this mule! 19 for the pompom version.

Catching up with recent releases ... the ankle boots!

The second pair of boots - this time I stayed a bit closer to the victorian ankle boots I intended to make ;) I was inspired by the wonderful eclectic clothing Miss hyasynth Tiramisu designs - if you haven't seen her creations yet, go visit her store in Ironjaw NOW! Another plug - the excellent leather and button textures are by Lauren Fox of Lauren's Tiling Textures. She has an amazing choice of *original* textures. As to the boots, not much to say - the heels are lower and thicker than the calf boots', and the lower leg attachment part is a bit more tolerant of larger leg sizes.

Catching up with recent releases ... the calf boots!

My first successfull attempt at footwear - calf boots! I've been looking everywhere in SL for neat, classic leather calf boots with high heels - no luck. So I finally gave in and decided to try my hand at boot design. Those were intended to be victorian ankle boots but that's not what the prims wanted ... I still like the result ;) Very neat shape, one attachment for the foot, one for the leg shaped so one doesn't have parts of the AV mesh sticking out when the foot is bent, and much attention given to a natural shape of the foot.

Catching up with recent releases ... prelude

Well, a lot of things have happened since I last blogged ... got started with a fresh & furious career as AV attachment designer in SL! Yay for prims! A lot of SL designers have their own blogs and I think it's a really sweet idea to showcase recent releases, talk about ideas & inspiration etc. So I thought, why not use this blog that's been lying dormant for quite a time and keep track of the stuff that I release. So here we go ... :)