Sunday, December 16, 2012

lassitude & ennui - new jewelry for L'Accessoires

Wait, two posts in one day? How can this be? Yes I've been a busy little ennui lately! lassitude & ennui is back at L'Accessoires, this time with a delicate mesh tiara. Available in gold, silver or black metal, with a variety of stones - 140L$ each or grab the fatpack for half-off. Permissions mod / copy and it's unrigged so yes, you can resize and reposition the tiara or heck, attach a whole bunch of them all over your pretty avatar. (No resize script included) As always, this is fully original work, designed and made from free-range pixels by yours truly. The tiara is available at L'Accessoires until January 15th, and will be in my main store in mid-february.

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lassitude & ennui for My Second Box

Today from lassitude & ennui for My Second Box - mesh ankle boots (unrigged) with lovely frog closure details in an exclusive color - and yes! these boots have not been released yet (and won't be until mid-january). Details after the cut!