Monday, May 29, 2006

Silly fun

A clothesline with laundry that flaps in the breeze! :D just a quick for-fun build but I like it. Get it for 1L$ outside L&E in Caledon.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I've always liked oriental jewelry and art, and a jewelry set with oriental flair has been on my todo-list for long. It's a style that I find difficult to translate to SL; the wealth of tiny details does not lend itself to prims well, there is lag one easily incurs, the size limit of a linkset and finally visibility issues. So I tried to capture more the spirit of the style than rigidly copying a real-world example. The name comes from the "Dune" cycle by Frank Herbert, which I am currently re-reading.

Urban style & City chic for your dainty feet

Yay, two new pair of shoes! A while ago I was asked to do a more pants-friendly version of the calf boots (three posts down) - the calf part of the boots has a tendency to stick through tight pant boots, not very fashionable. So they are, Urban style & City chic, both using the same foot base as the calf boots. And I don't care if you find the names cheesy :P This time I did a lot of the Urban ones in colorfull summer prints, and so far the reaction has been pretty positive. City chic is more of a classical, elegant style so it comes in more subdued leather colors and brocades. What I really like with those two is the versatility - from wedding to goth night out.

Psyche - Snapshot locket

Released April 29th, this is another floral themed jewelry set, but with an extra twist: the necklace opens to touch to reveal a snapshot! :D Totally romantic, no? This one was a long time in the making - first the prims itself that took ages to get just right; and then I wasn't very keen on the scripting. But I'm soo happy with the outcome! And aren't the earrings the cutest?

Monday, May 22, 2006


Um, yeah ... so the intention to faithfully blog all new releases didn't come very far. Two new shoes & two new set of jewelry were released in the mean time, and I'll try to catch up on those soon :)