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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lime and henna

Autumn at Lassitude & Ennui...

Jackal redid the landscape for autumn, and it's serene and crisp here at Lassitude & Ennui. I put on some cream-colored boots (Flora) and went for a nice muddy stroll by the water. It was worth it, I found a boat to pose in, and some lovely lilies and cattails. I went for an entirely mesh-free outfit today too. The dress is Ingenue's Sedgewick dress, a new release for Collabor88, and the stockings are the Pastel Amortentia by Schadenfreude. It suited my mood -- all ready for Spring. Er. Fall.

Come see the Fall colors!

Autumn at Lassitude & Ennui...

Autumn at Lassitude & Ennui...

Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Flora in cream
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui leaf jewelry set in gold
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Tracy in light henna
Dress: Ingenue Collabor88 Sedgwick dress in lime
Skin: Plastik The Nomad - Aleria - Nomad-3
Socks: Schadenfreude sheer peach white Amortentia stockings

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