Bum a cig?

boots. so cute.

Today's outfit is inspired by Jackal's Doll Ankle Boots in brown. They are so fluffy and cute that I wanted to look just as ... ok I probably look really frightening, but that's how I roll. Jackal dragged me out to get this mesh skirt from Jane the other day -- I absolutely adore the arse! The hat is by Split Pea, and will be out tomorrow for Fifty Linden Friday. [SLURL to Lassitude & Ennui]

Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Doll ankle boots in brown
Hat: Split Pea Feathers hit the ground before - FLF (out tomorrow)
Cig: Chanimations cigarette holder
Hair: KiK - nina (black)
Makeup: Hate me and eat me b_mu_001c
Skirt: Jane pencil skirt eliza tan - mesh
Belt: Ingenue's traveler belt
Red jacket: Schadenfreude blood seith jacket
Leggings: Grasp leopard leggings
Skin: fashionably Dead vampire skin - 5
Leopard jacket: TheCloset cropped fur jacket in leopard


Hey, lovely post. However there seems to be a bit of confusion. I went to find the leopard jacket and the jacket Shadenfreude Blood Seith Jacket is different from this leopard one. Then I went to find the leggings and the ones shown aren't leopard though you have said they are Grasp Leopard Leggings. I went to Grasp and there are no plain or leopard patterned leggings. Can you straighten these out please? I looking for the leopard patterned jacket you have pictured here and the leopard leggings that are not in the picture but on the style card...thanks!
oops sorry, I DID find the jacket at The Closet! I am still curious about the leggings tho - thanks!
Auntykuro said…
Haha hey =) Thank you so much for your comments. What we're running into is the problem that I'm an old, old blogger, and (usually I'm better about this) the outfit is of course layered up from everything in my enormous damned inventory.

I took a spin through Marketplace but none of them are really as cute as the grasp ones.

The grasp leopard leggings are part of a set of shorts, so this is what I'll do ... I'll go in-world and give you the L for 'em, lol. It can be my tax for not indicating that they were part of a larger set of clothing.

Thanks for reading the post and commenting <3 Cheers.
Auntykuro said…
Ah, need a good in-world name to contact you & give you the L for that shorts + leggings set. Also, the other leopard tights set in my inventory is from Canimal (defunct store!). I will check League & So Many Styles for you too. ;)
Oh darn, sorry about that name thing! I'm an ancient blogger too and that is my 21 year old (before even going on the net!) aka and before going to Sl 3 years ago. Then I had no choice but to change it to Leonie Szczepanski (well I mean, I couldn't choose Zurakowsky!)

However, lol, that avatar is totally bogged down with capped messages and stuff. Please send email to leonie22@hotmail.com . I'm now using the account LonnMorgan Resident so that would be the best place to contact me in world now.

Thanks so much.

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