Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tools of the trade

Even with mesh shifting the bulk of creative work out of world, I still spend a significant amount of time in-world, just getting things "productified" - textured, named, boxed, with pretty pictures and what-not. It's tedious work, but there's some nifty scripted tools around that make the whole process a lot more bearable. My three favorites after the cut!

1. [Decoy] Scripts: Texture & Rename Tool
rezzes, retextures and renames items, turning 5 base meshes into a little army of boots. Or dresses. Or whatever else invades your build plattform on a regular basis. I used to do this mostly by hand, with a few helper scripts hacked together, but this tool really streamlines the process. Super easy to set up as well.

Pro-tip: save the config notecard, the untextured meshes and the textures together in a folder in your inventory. That way, if you have to retexture the mesh again because there was a little mistake somewhere, everything's in the same place and easy to find.

2. FURWARE peek - Store and share camera positions
This is a HUD to save and restore camera positions. I use it to take snapshot series of products, to have everything shot from the same angle & distance, etc. for easier processing in PS. There's also a feature for sharing camera positions with other people, but since I work alone, I don't use that. So, a very handy HUD, and I find the interface to be well thought out and easy to use.

3. AnyPose Expression HUD
Easy to use HUD to set eye position. No more awkwardly setting eye position by alt-camming invisible prims. And it's free!

Image credits:

Skin - Glam affair - Renee Dreary Soul 01 BL
Makeup - Schadenfreude - Face Skull
Eyes - Dead Apples - Nebula eyes, fantasy nightfall
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Erika mesh hair
Jewelry - lassitude & ennui Macabre jewelry for World Goth Fair (available soon!)

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