My three SL wishes meme

LL sees another feature request approaching
Another typical morning in SL, the marketplace is not interested in cooperating today so instead of updating my listings, I'm doing Strawberry's three SL wishes meme.

Dear genie, please grant me:

1. A mesh deformer

This project is worse than the most drama-filled on off relationship. LL won't do it! But Qarl will! Now it's taking longer than expected. Or maybe not! It's ready for beta. But it could be better! It's ready for beta again. Now someone drops the ball! Oh, but materials have priority now. And besides, collision bone rigging is such a viable work-around. Not. *headdesk*

2. A better marketplace (on the merchant end)

The MP isn't that bad. It works - most of the time, anyway, and rather slowly - but it works, it doesn't look like whoever coded it was stuck in the late nineties when it comes to web design, and sometimes LL even adds a new useful feature, like sending notification emails when we get a review. But the merchant front-end (the part where we  work on our shops, to add items etc.) is coded like no one ever considered the usual use-case might be listing dozen of items in one sitting, and managing hundreds if not thousands of items. It is slow, inefficient, and riddled with small UI bugs. Please, Linden Lab, give us good tools to work with. At least on the web end of things.

3. An authenticator for our accounts

You know, those little RSA tokens, like Blizzard uses? If my night elf druid with her desperately out of date Lich King armor is worth protecting - then so is my SL account, that literally has 8 years of work on it.

Pose - Flowey
Hair - lamb, "Blush"
Skin and ears - Alchemy, elfin skin
Dress - lassitude & ennui, Patience dress cream
Hands & nails - SLink mesh hands, gesture / relax


I so agree with all your wishes, especially the mesh deformer. Sometimes I wonder if that project will ever be completed. Thanks so much for participating.

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