"I think we should trick-or-treat here, Infry!"

"Here? Really? It looks a little strange…"

"What do you mean, strange? Those are just toy sharks in the water."

"But -- isn't that blood?"

"I'm sure they just decorated for Hallo --"

"Acha? … Acha?"



On Infry:
Eyes: Plastik, Vae Collection - Arab
Hair: Uncleweb Studio, Hugo - type-B
Skin: Mother Goose's, Trudy III
Glasses: HOC Apparel, Rectangle Female #001
Necklace: PLUTO+, female choker (group gift)
Dress: Stellar, Timeless Knit Dress - Special Edition Pumpkin
Sneakers: HOC Industries, Animals
Socks: PopFuzz, Black Socks
Basket: Schadenfreude, Treat Bucket

On Acha:
Boots -- Lassitude & Ennui Imogene boots in pumpkin
Outfit -- Miel group gift Pumpkin Raider outfit
Stockings -- Schadenfreude sheer peach white amortentia stockings
Gloves -- from the G*Field 2011 halloween dress group gift
Hair -- Lamb Girlfriend in a coma in Mango, FLF item
Skin -- New from FRICK!! Malady - Sugar with dark brows
Makeup -- Hate me and eat me - e_mu*001b*
Treat bucket -- Schadenfreude store gift treat bucket
Piercing -- Ellabella Starchild


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