Oreb jewelry set new at lassitude & ennui

lassitude & ennui is participating in the Witch Hunt - which runs from September 18th to 26th - with this unisex jewelry set. Oreb comes in three sizes (larger size for men, and smaller size with a cleavage and a non-cleavage option - the cleavage option has a more strongly curved leather cord) and with a texture-change HUD. You can switch between silver, gold, copper and black for the metal, and brown, green, white and black for the leather cord. The texture-change is one script only in the necklace & earrings, which can be removed if so desired - instructions are included. Permissions are mod / copy, resizing is easily done using the build tools.

After the hunt, Oreb will be available at lassitude & ennui for 290L$ but why wait! Pick it up for free now, and take a notecard with landmarks to all participating stores.


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