Pince-nez "Steampunk" new at Lassitude & Ennui

For the discerning retro-geek, a delicate pince-nez in steampunk style. Available in black, copper, silver or gold, and with a menu to change the glasses' color. The pince-nez is fully mod though - resize all or tint the glasses to just the right color.

Permissions mod/copy, 100L$ each at lassitude & ennui in Nouveau.

Sidenote: as with every lassitude & ennui release, if you're a fashion blogger and fancy a review copy, IM me with your blog URL. If you decide to use it in one of your posts, I ask that credit is given - and if you decide not to review it, no biggie, I won't mind (much) :) So don't be shy!


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