new from lassitude & ennui for the Gacha Garden - Flutterpaws cat companions

lassitude & ennui Flutterpaws companions for Gacha Garden

Within the Gacha Garden, past a mossy garden wall,
Along the leaves and flowers, sleepy Catapillars crawl.
Their bellies full of Tunaleaf, they find a spot to sleep,
And, in cocoons contrived from cardboard, they curl up and slumber deep.

Slowly, magic happens in the misty moonlit air.
They stretch, they yawn, and greet the dawn as something new and rare.
From fluffy bodies now emerge bright wings as thin as gauze -
They mew, they spring, and now take wing to soar as Flutterpaws!

The Tabby and the Tiger glide as regally as hawks,
The Sealpoint and the Snowshoe both admire each other's socks.
Sakura, by the cherry tree, tucks blossoms in her hair.
Savannah bats at all the bugs that come too near her lair.

Curled up tight, the puffy White drifts like a tiny cloud,
Sleep-flying just above the grass, his purring long and loud.
Bashful beauty Vintage grins and preens a lacy veil
'Til rough-and-tumble Calico tries dive-bombing her tail.

With Russian Blue, and White-Grey too, they play among the trees,
As Moustache bows to Jewelled and takes her dancing on the breeze.
Rainbow sprawls to catch the sun and watches their ballet,
And, far above them, Galaxy laps at the Milky Way.

One Flutterpaw, most rare of all, hides in the rosebush leaves.
He proudly wears bright pink – and wears his heart upon his sleeves.
But, if you're kind and patient with the others of his crew,
Then, in due time, shy Valentine will come on home with you.

(Poem by Aposiopesis Fullstop)

The Flutterpaws are available now at Gacha Garden! These 16 collectible cat-fairies feature original mesh, textures, and animation.  When rezzed, your Flutterpaw is a static figurine, perfect for d├ęcor.  But, when worn, your Flutterpaw will hover above your left shoulder, flapping its wings and kneading the air with its paws. 50L$ per pull, every 20ieth pull has the Valentine's cat as guaranteed reward, in addition to the regular win. The Gacha Garden runs until February 28th. After the event, the gacha will be available in the lassitude & ennui mainstore at the same price, but the Valentine's cat will be retired forever.


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