Saturday, October 11, 2014

lassitude & ennui for Mystic Realms fair - new heels, new boots and new jewelry!

lassitude & ennui new for Mystics Realms fair

Mystic Realms fair is a new yearly event that's all about fantasy and roleplay!

Gothique - towering high-heels with extravagant demon heels. Rigged mesh, fits Slink high foot. Available in 6 leather color, each color includes silver, gold and black metal version. mod / copy, 280L$ each.

Bird of prey - sculptural unisex necklace with texture-change semiprecious stone ball. Available in silver, gold or black metal. mod / copy, 180L$ each.

Captain's boots - based on the Buccaneer boots, a more elaborate version with a suede leather fold-top, detailled gold embroidery and straps. Includes fitted mesh rigged version, and unrigged version. mod / copy, 280L$ each.

Original mesh by Jackal Ennui. Please try the free demos! Taxi to the fair

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