Monday, October 07, 2013

lassitude & ennui some bewitching things for Wizarding Faire 2013

Wizarding Faire, an event organized by the Mischief Managed  sim team, is running until October 20th, and I am super excited to be part of it! For witches young & old: Batty shoes, fashionable yet practical footwear that will grant you a solid stand in the most intense magical duels. Also: a selection of four heraldic necklaces - raven's wing, banner, lion's paw and snake's eye. Each necklace with texture-change script and a long & short version.

Taxi - more pics & info after the break!

Event info:

Shoes: 280L$ per color, includes gold and silver buckle. mod / copy. unrigged mesh, fits the regular system feet.
Jewelry: 180L$ per necklace, mod / copy, unrigged mesh.

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