Thursday, August 08, 2013

lassitude & ennui - mules & sandals for SLINK Avatar Enhancement feet

I'm a big fan of the SLINK avatar enhancement feet with their skin appliers from various skin brands and the huge choice of nail add-ons, and I'm thrilled to release two different shoe styles at lassitude & ennui, made specifically to fit the SLINK avatar enhancement shoes.

Perfect for a sultry burlesque evening, the Opium mules includes a version with, and without, pompom. Available in black, dark red, dark purple and the pastels rose, antique and blue. Permissions mod / copy, 280L$ each. Similar model as the Boudoir mules, but new textures, pompoms and of course - fits the SLINK feet. Wear them with the SLINK Medium barefeet.

The flat-heeled signature sandals are available in 6 leather colors, and each pair comes with a HUD to change the metal texture and the sole texture. Permissions mod / copy, 280L$ each. Wear them with the SLINK Natural barefeet.

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Feet not included. The shoes are add-ons for the SLINK Enhancement feet, you will need to purchase the feet separately to wear these shoes. Learn more about the SLINK Avatar enhancement feet. If you wear the regular SLINK feet (without the appliers), the shoes will fit just as well, but you will need to wear the "small" size of the signature sandals.

I've removed all the lassitude & ennui shoes with mesh feet from the shop and the marketplace (those were: Boudoir mules, Nyrha sandals, Blossom sandals) If you absolutely have to have them, just IM me directly to buy a copy.

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Alicia Chenaux said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!! I'm so excited for these!!! Those sandals were some of my very first prim shoes in Second Life wayyyyy back in the day, and I wore them for ages. This is awesome!