lassitude & ennui - new mesh boots for L'Accessoires

I'm excited to be in the september cycle of the L'Accessoires event - a showcase event with a selected choice of designers! Details after the cut ...

So, with fall coming up, I thought of making some classic lace-up ankle boots in smooth leather with a dainty plattform and heel with wood texture. Each leather color comes with a dark wood and light wood option included.

As usual, lovingly modelled and textured from scratch by  yours truly.

Rigged mesh, one size only, mod / copy / no trans (and not resizeable) Please try the free demo!

6 colors in total - 280L$ each or 840L$ fatpack

available at L'Accessoires from Sept. 15th to Oct. 8th

The boots will be available in my mainstore in November.


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