A little tease for La Venta Eventa

This is my first time at La Venta Eventa, and I've prepared something super special for you all - a preview of my newest rigged mesh boots. They come in sexy black & red, and with the 60L$ price tag what are you waiting for?

Haven't heard of La Venta Eventa? It's a weekly sales event that goes from friday to sunday, and is usually covered by blogs like Seraphim SL

Permissions are mod / copy / no transfer and as always, there is a free demo. Please note that rigged mesh is not resizeable!

More colors to come january 5th - until then, enjoy this little preview.


Fledge said…
Where are they then, if not your mainstore? This is a very big tease since I'm looking for them and can't find them XD Or did you mean they'll all come out on the 5th but the red will be at reduced price then? Or was the preview only for one day and I missed it? :(
Fledge said…
Oh... not a weekly sales event, a WEEKEND sales event, so I did miss them. Nm!

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