New at Lassitude & Ennui

Laudanum - unisex sculpted shoes, a gothic touch for your dark victorian ensemble. Available in various sizes both for ladies and gentlemen, comes in three colors (black, white, oxblood).

Permissions no mod / copy / no transfer, 300L$ for one color (silver & gold buckles included), please try the free demo for fit!

Medea - a starkly geometric jewelry set with a subtle "glow" effect on the stones. Permissions mod / no copy / transfer, 320L$ for gold or black, free demo available.

Also please note that a variety of items have been steeply discounted at the main L&E location in Nouveau and will be retired after the sale, in about four weeks.

(Skins by Fleur, clothing by ~silentsparrow~, hair by Miriel (top) / Naughty Designs (bottom))


Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Woman! You rock my socks! Unfortunately my laptop is DEAD and in for repair, though the outlook is doubtful...will try to get in world soon to see this coolio new stuffs you have made for us. love, Love, LOVE the new shoes!!!
Alyx Sands said…
Oooh, lovely shoes- and I'm so glad you're back!
Miriel Enfield said…
Hooray, you're back! And I love the new items. :D
Lizbeth Marlowe said…'ve been tagged. :D see my blog

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