Estampie sculpted shoes

New today at Lassitude & Ennui, "Estampie" sculpted medieval shoes in six muted velvets with contrasting embroidery and prim laces. Those were - pardon the language - a bitch to texture and I had to revise my first plans to account for some heavy mesh distortion on the toe part but it was very instructive. The final texture is a mix of various techniques - the embroidery is hand-drawn, the surface structure photosourced, the shadows baked & heavily postprocessed in PS.

Available in ladies' sizes (0 and 12) and gents' sizes (20 and 30) - they actually are a bit larger but this was fashionable a couple of centuries ago ;) Definitely not SCA approved, while historical exemples were consulted and provided much inspiration, the result is more one for fantasy outfits. Permissions no mod / copy / no transfer, 230L$, size & color demos available for free. And of course a fatpack too.

(The name comes from the medieval dance and music form, the estampie - which is said to have been quite lively and vigorous. Hence the perfect name for comfortable slippers, that would suit both a pretty maid on the dance floor, or the court bard playing for her)


Miriel Enfield said…
Oh, thank you! I haven't gotten in world to buy these yet, but it'll be great to finally have something that actually fits the dresses I make.
Anonymous said…
Yay! What great shoes, I was constantly searching for proper medieval shoes!
Even if they are "not SCA aproved" - thank you, thank you :D

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