New retro pumps at Lassitude & Ennui

This is not what I've been working on these past weeks, or something I was planning on making. But sometimes, there's a bitchy, needy idea that comes up and nags "build me! build me! build me now!!!" So I gave in and spent the last few days on these pumps which were quite the texturing challenge - but I'm rather pleased with the outcome. They have slightly uptorned toes and a heel with attitude, finely detailled, button straps (half prims, half texture magic) and piping in constrating color. The Chocobleu coloring (brown shoe with robin's egg blue piping) might be a bit daring in terms of fashion, but I like how well it goes with the Confetti dress at Bossa Nova (seen at [url=""][/url]). Other than that, some basic colors and a bit of spring freshness.

Fits foot size 0, permissions no mod / copy / no trans, demo available for 0L$ (try it on, pretty please!) - 300L$ per pair or get the fatpack: all colors, half off. Available at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau(60,60) on the new products wall, right across the door.

I've moved some of my older styles (Urban, City, Calf boot, Casual) to the bargain basement and deeply discounted them - 100L$ for the shoes, 150L$ for the boots. If you don't know where the bargain basement is, there's teleports in the shoe section. (Or just walk down to the jewelry section, then keep left - there's some stairs further down to the basement)


Miriel Enfield said…
You know, I looked at that Chocobleu one and immediately thought of Bossa Nova.

And oooh, discounted shoes...
Ohhhh these are Perfect!
Orfeo Morello said…
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Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Hey you...all ok in your world? Haven't seen you or seen a blog update in ages.

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