A change of pace (new stuff at L&E!)

These boots have been a long time in coming .. I started on them in late December after elka had asked me to make a gothic lolita / plateau version of the Elizabeth ankle boots. And so this little project has morphed and evolved into a totally unexpected direction and ended up rather industrial-looking. Then a friend wanted them in guy size so I converted them and made my first items for men. No more discrimination at L&E :D I will probably get the GL boots released next month or so.

So, back the "Reckless" boots - they come in distressed black leather with rusted or clean metal details, and both the men's and the women's version can be worn in three different ways: shoes only, medium-high boots or knee-high boots. On the women's boot, I am so very proud of the curvate of the sole in front & back .. that was quite the texture fight. Of course, all custom textures. The cuffs are a cute little accesory to go with the boots (or alone) and come in a four-pack (L/R with leather strap, L/R just metal).

400L$ for the boots, 180L$ for the 4 cuff set. Only available at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau(60,60), where a rezzed model of the items can be seen.

(Skin by Tete a Pied and Naughty Designs; Eyes by Fashionably Dead; Hair by Playfull Kitten and Naughty Designs; Tattoos by FORM; Clothing by UFOnly and Canimal)


subversive said…
looove these, are the toes squared off a bit? very cool industrial look.
can't wait to collaborate on the doll avatars/store...next week you can start putting up your displays, will IM you Mon/Tues :D

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