FashCon - the group to get your fashion updates from!

A week or two ago, I received a notecard from fellow SL resident and fashionista Honey Fairweather, who had an innovative proposal to get around the dreaded 25 group limit when it comes to designer update groups - why not bundle everyone into one central group? The shoppers don't have to waste all their group slots on update groups, and the designers get a larger audience and some potential new customers who never heard of them before. Of course I had to jump on this one right away - what an awesome idea! The group, "Fashion Consolidated", hasn't been in effect for long but has already gathered roughly 200 members. So why not join up today, it's open enrollment :)


Anonymous said…
I want to join the group,where can i join it ? Because i want to update my fashion website of sl

Ennui said…
Hey Lanny, in SL, open Search > Groups and search for "Fashion Consolidated" - it's open enrollment, you can join directly without invite.

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