New jewelry - "Chasm"

First off, some boring stuff ... if you want to see shiny pictures, scroll down a bit, ok? ;)

I have been thinking about posting something re: review copies for a while - now this topic was broached first in Sol Columbia's blog, and then got picked up on PXP and Secondstyle. Seems to be the season for it, so here we go: I love giving out review copies, there's just too many of you fabulous fashion bloggers out there for me to know who to send them to, and I don't want to mindlessly spam people. I think review copies make for better reviews all around, since one can judge from the actual object, and not just an image. So if you're writing for a fashion blog and would like to get a review copy of a new release, IM me or leave a blog comment. No review obligation, of course.

Now, for the more interesting part:

Inspiration is a fickle thing, sometimes it strikes and wants to be acted upon, no sketches, no planning, things just flow together naturally without fighting against the prims, and unexpected things like "Chasm" emerge.

Thank you to Roslin who was instrumental in finding a name - for those wondering, it's a reference to "Chasm City" (a science-fiction book by Alastair Reynolds) with it's almost organic city. And while we're at the subject of SF, why not have a little mini-game? There's three other jewelry sets in Nouveau that take their name from a female character in a science-fiction novel. If you think you've recognized one (or two or three) of them, post in the comments section of this blog post, name the character, book and author. If you're the first to post a correct guess, you win your choice of a L&E jewelry set!

(Details & credits: "Chasm" jewelry set - necklace, bangle & earrings - available in gold or silver with black highlights, or black with silver or gold highlights. Permissions modify / transfer / no copy, 300L$. Best viewed with shiny. Rather low-prim - 58 prims for the whole set. Hair by ETD (Janae), skin by Tete a Pied (Gothique Vixen Bloody), eyes by Miriel (Dark blue))


Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Desdemona is from Vurt by Jeff Noon
Eugenie (de la Croix) is from Felaheen by Jon Courtenay-Grimwood
and Rydra (Wong) is from Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany
Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Whoops! Eugenie is a
Ghanima is from Children of Dune by Frank Herbert
Ennui said…
Yay Lizbeth, you got all three right! congratulations and thanks for playing :D
J.T.J. said…
Love the blog. Keep it up...

JamesT Juno

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