Last night I finally got some serious work done on the new shop. It still lacks a roof and a lot of details, but it's looking quite good so far I think. It's a huge space but 4 rooms so it doesn't look too intimidating. I'm still thinking about adding some kind of tower (because a factory needs a supervisor, a big clock and some chimneys) but I don't really know where it would fit well. Also the roof will likely be half kaputt, to enable people to fly in & out, so it's a bit difficult to work a tower into that. The new logo looks very sexy on a dark grey concrete background, it was sooo totally worth hiring a pro to do that.

Still todo: lots of textures. I've been using Linden textures to get a feel for the build, but the Linden concrete texture has ugly repeats when tiled. That is the one thing that often makes or breaks a building for me: patterns that are not part of the design but turn up once a texture is tiled & repeated. Yuck. So I need to photosource a good concrete (good thing there's!) and add shadows to it and to the bricks - also get a nice grate texture for some fittings .. and maybe a better glass texture than the one I'm using right now.

I'm trying to keep the number of textures down so that everything rezzes fast - will probably have to resize & reupload some of my box textures too - (almost) everything at 256x256 will make people's graphic cards happy. Currently I'm getting around 40-50fps in the sim, so of course it's my goal to keep the place as low-lag as possible. My landlord is very lag-conscious too, now I hope the other two neighbors will behave ;)

Also been revising the "big relaunch in october" plans - it's too much stress and I won't be able to get the new boot line ready by then. So now the plan is to get the shop open by mid-september with a small jewelry update, and get the boots ready by whenever, or just release them in small installements. I can only admire people like Elikapeka who manage to rebuild an entire sim over a weekend!

In other news, there's now a Lassitude & Ennui update group! Search -> Groups for "Lassitude" and join - it's open enrollment. I'm not quite sure what "specials" I'll have for group members - I'll probably raffle one "fatpack" of each new release. Probably no VIP / "group only" items since I'm slow enough at building stuff.

Oh and, building with physics is a lot of fun :>


Kristian Cee said…
I need to check out your new builds! I spent nearly all weekend working on productive stuff. :(

I'm really excited to see you working on big builds again. I don't think any of your jewelry customers have seen when you can really do with macroprims. :)
Miriel Enfield said…
I hate those repeating textures, too, even though it's hard to get rid of all repetition. They just look so fake and cheesy from a distance.

Oh, and congrats on the job and Burning Life plot, by the way. :)
Ennui said…
Thanks Miriel! About the texture repetition, I found this great tutorial:
didn't try the technique out yet but I plan on doing so soon. Looks like it could be very useful.

And Kristian, IM me when you're on & I'll show you around ;)
Miriel Enfield said…
Thanks, Jackal. Though, er, which article are you talking about? :)
Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Hiya Jackal! The URL got chopped...Please repost as a tinyurl?
Ennui said…
Here ya go: :)

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