The demise of the Linden-run forums has prompted an exchange of blog addresses on secondcitizen.com, which I have duly added to the link list. I still haven't become friends with Sage, though considering how big the list has become (and I'm still missing most SL-related blogs!) that might be a good idea.

No news on the land front, I am still waiting to hear from a prospective landlord - for a *really* big piece of land but one that should be big enough for another year or so. ;)

The picture is a little sneak preview ... I have no idea when it'll be in the store, what with the space shortage and such. Bit more primmy than usual, and best worn with plunging necklines.


Miriel Enfield said…
That necklace is amazing. Reminds me of Christmas ornaments.
Ennui said…
Hahaha and 4 months too early, eh? ;) I was going for an overloaded, nouveau riche look - so I guess it worked! Oh and it's flexi - just a bit, but enough to be an eyecatcher.
HeatherFev21 said…
Get it ouuuuuuuut already!!!!

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