Learning ...

... patience.

The Deneb store is almost at full capacity both space-wise and prim-wise; no better with the two Caledon outlets. I desperately need to move the main store to a bigger location (and possibly close one of the smaller ones). Now the rental empire where I have been renting for L&E since Nov05 (same sim, no less) and which is currently full wrt commercial rentals, had a nice block of islands added a couple of weeks ago and each island has a description of "future commercial land". Sounds good, doesn't it? So for weeks, I've been keeping an eye on a place, waiting for terraforming to happen & the infrastructure to be set in place and .. nada. So more than a week ago I asked one of the barons-in-office there and got an ETA of last weekend. A week later: still nada, and I'm slowly starting to loose my patience.

So in the hopes of finding greener pastures, I've been scouting commercial rentals and keeping an eye on the rental forum. Word to the wise? If you want to get rich quick, open up a few commercial islands. The ones I've visited are almost all booked solid. Even the smaller, no-name ones. I've managed to find one island which would have a suitable plot, except it's a) tropical white sand island type of setup (and I was planning on doing a derelict 19th century factory as shop) b) there's no infrastructure at all, no road, only small water channels c) the rentals are not automated, there's not even an info card giver, one has to IM the owner to learn of rates & such. Tripple bleh. Does it beat waiting for another few weeks? Probably not. But hey, instant gratification is so much more fun than listening to reason :/

Anyway, enough ranting. If you made it that far, gratz :P


Miriel Enfield said…
I'd recommend Hiro Queso's islands to you (that's where my shop is), but I suspect one of them is the sim you were talking about.

And I love the shop build idea. :)
Ennui said…
Yep, it was Hiro's :) And the only larger piece was gone by the next day. I saw there's also a lot of free space in Plush, but the prices aren't exactly competitive.

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