lassitude & ennui for The Epiphany gacha event - fantasy staves!

lassitude & ennui for Epiphany gacha

new from lassitude & ennui, for the Epiphany gacha event - a collection of fantasy staves. 6 commons in various wood colors, featuring a rotating, color-change stone. Two rares - Staff of life, decorated with blossoms, and Staff of jewels, decorated with blossoms and metal accents. All textures can be changed on the rare staves (6 wood options, 6 stone options + 6 blossom options in matching colors, plus gold / silver / black for the metal accents on the Staff of jewels)

lassitude & ennui for Epiphany July 2015

Items are mod / trans, 25L$ per play at The Epiphany. And what super special and awesome about this event, is that you can turn in your unwanted items for points, and redeem those points for exclusive items that won't be available after the event. From lassitude & ennui, the exclusive is the Crown of jewels, matching the Staff of jewels. Everything is texture-change, just like the staff, with matching textures.

lassitude & ennui Exclusive for Epiphany July 2015

SLURL: The Epiphany


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