new at lassitude & ennui for Festival of Sin!

Way back, when SL was still in black & white and we had to haul prims through the snow, uphill, both ways, I made some simple pom-pom mules. It was a favorite style of mine and I'd been hoping to bring it back for a long time. And since it was a great fit the Festival of Sin, I finally remade those mules!

The Festival of Sin is a 2-weeks long event starting tomorrow, Feb 18th at 5pm SLT and running until March 3rd, where the creators show their creative interpretation of one of the seven deadly sins. See the teasers on the festival blog (NSFW, pixel nudity!)

The Boudoir mules are mesh and come in two versions:

Rigged mesh, full-foot version - this replaces the full avatar foot with a mesh foot, and moves at the ankle, but is not resizeable.

Toes only, non-rigged mesh - these only replace your avatar toes, and can be resized.

Both versions are mod / copy / no transfer, and come with a low-lag HUD for tinting the skin (8 base textures to chose from, and you can finetune the color tint), 16 nail polishes and 6 slots for saving presets. For more technically-minded, there's an RGB input mode and of course you can just tint it using the build tools.

(In-world tinting can be difficult to match up so it holds up well under various windlight settings. If you feel comfortable tinting the textures in a graphic program and re-uploading them, IM me for a downloadable copy of the textures. I can't help you with how to use a graphic program though ;)

And the mule comes in 5 colors - black, purple, red, silver and gold. 350L$ per mule color.


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