Two new at Lassitude & Ennui!

How lame is that, my blog is the last place to be updated about new releases *lol* Sorry, I was up much too late last night getting those two puppies in the store (and on the forums) and bed looked like a much better idea than more time in front of the PC.

Soooo .. what have we today. First off, "Irina", which you might have seen a few posts back - ultra-detailled jewelry set (the pics are pretty shitty, the necklace is too long to snap in close-up). Heavy chain-links, large stones and a slightly flexi tassel for a decadent beauty that will draw all eyes on you. The flexi is really just a little bit - no wiggly rubber tentacle, oh no! - just enough to emphasis the decolleté. Wear with a really low-cut gown if you dare! Comes in black, silver, gold and with a choice of diamonds, rubies or onyx. 420L$, mod / no copy / trans.

Second, the "Signature" jewelry set, which is simply the new L&E logo done in prims. Pretty choker & earrings, set with diamonds, comes in black, silver, gold. Get it for 0L$ (yea, that's right, zero L$!) and get one for your friends too, it's no mod / no copy / trans. A little thank you to my customers.

In other news, I've brought back Lydia & Captive, each set for 50L$, and the Spikey finger ring now comes with matching earrings, the set for 25L$. All of this can be found in the basement room of the new shop. I'm still debating whether to bring back Souls or not, I know some people really like it but I find the construction to be both crude and prim-heavy .. we'll see. Another freebie, found right on the "New releases" wall: a new gift box!

Oh, and lest I forget: the new shop is at Iron(60,60), or take the TP from my picks. I'll be taking down the Deneb shop pretty soon, so update your landmarks :))


Ginny Talamasca said…
Oh GOD THOSE ARE FABULOUS!!!! I can't wait to come pick them up when the sale is over! <3<3<3 YOU ARE FABULOUS!

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