New bag at Lassitude & Ennui

To go with the Traveller boots posted recently, I made this casual bag after seeing a random girl (RL) with a cute square leather bag. Well, it ended up looking pretty different but I really like the result! The textures used here are the same as with the traveller boots, so they go well together. I made three different holding poses for the bag - hand on strap, hand on bag and arm hanging down - for a bit more individuality. There's also a "no pose" mode because I noticed that the bag looks good with many of my AO poses. Everything's controlled with an easy touch dialogue menu. The poses animate the right arm only and they're prio 4, so they should play well with most AO poses. There's a fully featured demo available so you can actually verify that directly with your AO.

Permissions are mod / copy / no transfer (script and poses are no mod) so yes, you can resize it bigger. I considered adding a second, larger size version but decided that making it +mod would be easier for all around. Attachment point is spine so you can wear it & some jewelry (typically attaching to chest). I don't know about collars, they might attach to spine too, but it should be easy enough to change the attachment point to chest - if not, ping me in-world and I'll take care of that for you.

Available in black or brown, 300L$. Only at Lassitude & Ennui in Nouveau(60,60). Thanks for looking!


Lizbeth Marlowe said…
Wow! someone is kicking butt in the texture dept!
Unknown said…
WOW! This bag is adorable! :)
Rhian said…
I love the bag - and it looks timeless, which is perfect for my multi-era outfit leanings!

Also, thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, and for the link back. :) I've had a bit of a break from SL, but I'm back and playing around with clothes again. I'll be sure to let you know if I start selling.
I adore this bag. I wear it with everything. I want it in Real life I love it so much. I love this store. I am feeling much love. Please please please make this bag in other colors (especially lime green) and belts too! You guys could make kickin belts.

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